Entitlement Junkies strike and a heroic manager strikes back!

Woman says restaurant kicked her out because of crying child

If only all managers would do just that.


14 thoughts on “Entitlement Junkies strike and a heroic manager strikes back!

  1. The truth is probably someplace in the middle. The woman was probably rude, but not so much to call it extreme abuse.

    In truth, parents should know better than to take crying toddlers out to eat. However, if the baby will cause a disruption to the restaurant, it is within their right to deny service.

    I fail to see how this made the news. Something tells me the woman HAS TO BE a bit of a bitch. After all, she called the tv station and talked them into running this petty little article.


  2. A bit of a bitch? That’s being kind. I’d call her an entitlement bitch.

    How dare the restaurant throw HER out just because her little precious is crying?!?!

    If it was my kid, and initial attempts to calm him had failed, I would have taken him outside, not sat there in the restaurant and allowed him to continue crying.

    Totally rude and ignorant. And she came across like that in the video clip as well.

    I agree – totally unnewsworthy, but at least the rest of us get to see the other side of the coin – the customers who think the world revolves around them and their offspring.

  3. Notice in the article she says “He told us to leave before we ever got confrontational,” which is an admission that she did indeed get confrontational with the manager. Bravo for manager! I have a feeling this woman was probably a nickel-plated bitch who never controls her children. She’s going to be hell on wheels for her children’s teachers to have to deal with.

  4. I’ve noticed that parents tend to have a pretty high tolerance for the noise and mess their kids make. (That’s probably good–it keeps them from killing them, I suppose.) But too many parents assume that everyone else around them is obligated to have the same tolerance, and when someone complains about little Johnnie or Princess Janie expressing themselves at 70+ decibels, they’re characterized as a child hater. Don’t bring your toddler to a restaurant if he/she is already raging hungry, especially if you’re too stupid to carry some crackers or something. And don’t expect the server to clean up the fucking mess when your toddler breakdances on goldfish crackers.

  5. Well, well. I notice that the mother cried and made a scene and that everyone was watching her. I hope she’s happy.

    I love children and, as I’ve mentioned before, my parents had nine of us and we were all very well behaved in public. We knew right away that there was a right way and a wrong way to behave when we were out and that if we misbehaved there would be consequences.

  6. Restaurants reserve the discretion to NOT serve anyone they choose. With all that goes on of importance in this world, this skanky white trash bitch wants us to cry a tear for her? I don’t think so. As the mother of a 15 month old, you don’t mold your baby/toddler to fit the environment they are in. If they become publically distressed, you remove them from the situation and stop being selfish. Make no mistake, being selfish is precisely what it is.

    White trash mom didn’t want to leave her friends, didn’t care about other patrons and didn’t care about her toddler. Was the toddler sensitive to large crowds, loud noise? Hungry? Wet? Was it his nap time but mommy just had to have that mountain of grease with 18 sides of ranch? Now she wants us to reward her for being forced to do what a responsible parent and considerate citizen should have done in the first place…. apologize quietly and leave… QUIETLY.

  7. Please send an e-mail to O’Charley’s and implore them not to reward this woman’s behavior through gift cards, other compensation or firing the manager.

    What kind of trash calls the media over this?

  8. We went out tonight with the kids (ages seven and two… I know, who in their right mind goes out with a two year old?).

    The two year old flipped out halfway through dinner… What I did was what any parent should do if their little snowflake starts acting like a rabid wolverine in public.

    I picked her up, screaming and kicking, and carried her outside to the car, where I waited patiently for my husband and my son to finish up.

    I don’t want to hear other children screaming, I’m sure they don’t want to hear mine.

  9. Way to go, Joe!
    Also, the O’Charley’s website has a “contact us” button on the bottom of the home page where you can send comments.
    And thank you to the good parents out there who know that it is appropriate to remove a naughty child from public areas (as a punishment for the child, instead of punishing the others around you) until the child has calmed down.

  10. Huzzah for you, EpiJunky!

    IMHO, kids are like dogs. If they are well-behaved, then they are acceptable in my presence. If they can’t behave, then they need to be removed from my presence. I can tolerate a child being fussy, making occasional noises, although it is still annoying. But a screaming child must not be allowed to negatively impact the dining experience of others.

    What ever happened to the phrase “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about?” That usually worked when I was a kid.

  11. HEY,

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