Black Friday, redux

Hell….there’s no other words to describe Black Friday but Hell….

Hateful women all over, children rolling around on those fucking Heely’s, men drinking themselves to insensibility over the women (or their men) spending all their hard earned money on something other than them.


8 thoughts on “Black Friday, redux

  1. Black Friday is so slow. Here’s a comment from the kitchen last night I thought was funny. The black staff said they should have off because it’s Black Friday. As to which a sweet quiet waitress we have responded fine then we have off on White Christmas! The line cooks lost it laughing. So did I. Mouth to floor suprised!

  2. I had a very quiet mellow night last night.

    I have to say I love my kitchen. I only have one busser but we love her and lavish her with $$$, and we also tip out the kitchen. I work in a small italian place but the kitchen staff is the best I have ever worked with.

  3. Sorry about your Black Friday. We were busy, but only the hostesses had to deal with all the people. I just got to deal with a full section the whole day 🙂 $$$ People were a little stressy though.. Sometimes less than 10%. Jerks.

  4. You have to wait Sir. We are full. Stupid motherfuckers asking me, “I’ve been waiting along time bla bla wah wah”. Yes Sir, I’ve been waiting to win the lottery for 30 years. Assholes. It’s been an overwhelming week for me. No wonder I hate holidays. Fuckers!

  5. Mine sucked. Short staffed.We were slammed. Management didn’t plan well and too many called off work. I did well from 7am-2pm. I only made a whopping $20.00 from 2-9pm. Yes I worked a triple. Kept begging them to send me home since I wasn’t making any money AND I was in overtime.

    I only got a little attitude for breakfast when we were slammed. I apologized and explained we were short staffed. Most people were ok with it. A few still gave me some shit.

  6. This is exactly some of the shit that happens at my store always getting the black people (not being racist cause there are some good ones out there) who want their free shit! oh man I feel the pain and shit you deal with and im surprised with the patience that you have to handle in the situations your forced to experience

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