“Where da food?”

It gets really old every time I see someone heading toward a buffet that has no food.


8 thoughts on ““Where da food?”

  1. You know what they say about assumptions….ass out of you and me and all that crap. They deserved it! If more people were called out on their bullshit… this would be a better world.

  2. Well, I might think the food was real too. But I wouldn’t go and help myself to it. That would not be honest at all, and my mama raised me better.

  3. Who the hell assumes a buffet is free? Every buffet place I have ever been to you had to pay for it or somebody else paid so you could eat when that happened you damn well knew it since you had to be invited.

    I think you need to hire some security screeners next time you have a private party that pays for a buffet.

    Now the fake dessert thing unless I say a price sticker I would think display. Now some displays do have a price but then you ask for whatever is displayed and the place either gets it from the tray or gets one from the back area for you.

    I did see someone cut open a display boar at a wedding thinking you had to do that to get the meat out. He appeared quickly embrassed and scouted off without making a scene. Kinda understandable they should have a sign saying boar is display boar meat is on the trays.

  4. Oh my God.

    The first woman was annoying enough, but the second? *I* want to slap her, and I wasn’t there! Why in the HELL would she think that she would get free buffet if she wasn’t invited to a private party? And if she did snake off a private party’s buffet, she IS a thief, plain and simple.

    She’s teaching her offspring that “I am entitled because I chose to grace you with my presence” attitude. I hate that attitude. It makes me stabby.

  5. We have a salad bar set up with a soup station at the end. I am amazed at the amount of people who take a soup cup and start to graze while the hostess is leading them to their table, like the food will be free if they get it before they are actually seated. What’s even worse is that there are people who grab things off the salad bar on their way to the table with their bare hands (gross!), their mentality being if you don’t give me a plate, it’s free. What happened to manners?

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