Mistreatment of Service Support and Kitchen employees

Mistreatment of Service Support and Kitchen employees


The Front of House Support Staff



10 thoughts on “Mistreatment of Service Support and Kitchen employees

  1. Interesting read for me. When I started out in this business, I was in a city and we had someone who did our dishes for us. Now, I’m in a little town and we not only do the greeting, the drink service, take the order, deliver the food, bus the tables and keep the floor stocked and clean, but we do our own dishes too.

    It sucks, but it definitely does cut down on Lazy Server Syndrome. Those who can’t cut it don’t last, and those of us who are there long term know we can count on each other.

    I have never understood why a server gets tipped when all they did for me was jot down my order and drop off the check.

  2. Kris, the servers you’re thinking of are the Lazy ones. There are servers like me who bust our asses to keep the guests happy, and we’re the ones who get pissed off at people mistreating our support staff. I jump behind the bar and help make drinks a lot of the time so that my tables and others can get drinks when the bartenders are busy with their own guests. I jump on the expo line all the time because I’m fast at it. I bus tables for people to sit down, especially in my own section, and I bitch at the people who do nothing.

    When I worked for Applebees, we did everything, and there wasn’t a paid dishwasher there.

    We are supposed to do everything you listed at my current job, except the dishes, and the support staff is just supposed to be support, but they’re abused like at other places, which is where this post came from.

  3. I have never understood those servers who don’t pre-bus their tables. Aside from the mess it leaves in front of the customers, it takes so much longer to turn your tables, therefore screwing yourself out of money. That being said, I really don’t mind working with the lazy servers who do that because then I get seated more often.

  4. Although I am not a server, I do work with the public and I am always respectful to everyone.
    I say please and thank you and when I get a rude or lazy server, I just ignore his rudeness. It helps that I have a very laid back personality.

  5. My first thought was: I can only hope when the support staff busses a table or takes out the trash that they wash their hands before rolling silverware.

    But I appreciate your article shining the blinding light of Truth on the industry that I am ignorant of. I have never worked at a restaurant — I’d probably be fired the first week for smacking down an Entitlement Junkie — so I only see what the public sees.

    Armed with this knowledge, I will be aware to keep track of my server and who brings out the food and who, if anyone, pre-busses the table. Not sure what I can do about it though.

  6. i’ve been working in the restaurant industry for 6 years and i just started working as a server in a small restaurant. my place of work is plagued with lazy servers. our head chef told me the other night im the only waitress at work who washes dishes when we’re slow. the hostesses love me and so do the kitchen guys because i treat everybody with respect. thank you for writing this essay, it really brings to light what goes on in inside a restaurant. hopefully lazy servers out there read this post and get an attitude re-adjustment.


  7. While working in Memphis, I was working in a gourmet restaurant inside of a gourmet grocery….snooty to the max. I was an under chef and my opinions didn’t matter, but I always HATED how the upper eschelon of chefs treated our dishwashers. Pissed me off to no end. For one thing the head chef who made the schedual always had them come in at 1pm. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so making these guys come in at 1pm left them a mountin of dishes to wade through. There were days they came in that I don’t know why they didn’t just walk back out the door with a hearty F**k YOU! One day, I got disgusted to the nth degree and started the dishes myself cause I had time on my hands, (the main chefs always had time, cause they made us underlings do all their grunt work). As I was pushing the trays through the dishwasher, The new “snooty” chef asks me “What are you doing that for? That’s why we hire the minimum wage slaves.” It took all I had not too wack him with the frying pan in my hands!

  8. Haven’t these lazy servers ever heard about team work? I have been known to tip cooks and dishwashers on busy shifts when they’ve helped me out. If they didn’t do their job, then my tips would go down! At the restaurant I work at it’s a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” environment.

  9. Team work and training are the key factors. I love the notion of pre-shift meetings. These meetings last perhaps 5 min and the result is better, open communication, team work and increased tips. We leave with a better attitude and tips reflect this. I agree with all comments regarding disparaging remarks. Bussers and dishwashers may be on the lower end of the wage scale. But they serve an important function and are key members of the team.

  10. I am always very nice to the food runners/bussers and dishwashers. No matter where I work, they all tell me I am one of their favorite servers – simply, I treat them as my equal and talk to them like anyone else (even if it is in Spanish sometimes). However, believe it or not, everyplace I have worked, the sous chef or a manager expedites, except the rare case when a server fills in while the other is on a break.

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