Sharece Thomas, the YouTube non-tipping trash, strikes again

Only this time, it’s nothing about tipping so much as us all being racist, and daring us to spit in her food. You can see my comments if you actually visit the page for the video posted below. Basically, it says that most black people with the exception of the ghetto are embarrassed by people like her, and that because of her showing her ass (publicly and figuratively) no server in their right mind is going to willingly serve her, and most management is going to back up the server in fear of losing close to 200 dollars because she’ll play the race card. I know the talk that’s gone around in Nashville restaurants, people know her face, servers and managers alike. I know of managers who would ask her to leave just on the basis of that video and the fear that she would besmirch their restaurant over nothing. I still don’t believe the server actually followed her out over the tip, that rarely happens anymore, and the server is usually fired on the spot when it does.


11 thoughts on “Sharece Thomas, the YouTube non-tipping trash, strikes again

  1. I hate to break it to her, but spit is hardly the worst thing to ever make it into someone’s food. I don’t endorse this type of thing, but it does happen.

    But this is typical ghetto mentality. I wonder if her kids are nearby while she’s cursing up a storm.

  2. I think trashy is too polite a word for her. I don’t think there’s a word in the English language to describe her trashy rude self. I’m not a waiter, but I have worked retail – I’d hate to wait on her.

  3. I knew the area she talked about in the first YouTube video. Fairfax and Third, West L.A., nice neighborhood, lots of nice restaurants.

    And, I’m pretty sure I know which restaurant she walked out of without leaving a tip.

    Sharece, I know you’re reading this. You’re just another entitlement whore. Don’t come to the I.E., bitch, because your video made the rounds, and most restaurant managers would deny your ass service because they don’t want to deal with your shit. All you are is trash, and nobody wants trash in their restaurant.

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