Do todays servers really follow people out over a tip?

Over the past few months, after Sharece Thomas of YouTube fame posted her trashy video about the server that supposedly followed them out over the 8 dollar tip they gave him, I started wondering about that very question.


17 thoughts on “Do todays servers really follow people out over a tip?

  1. To read that even you, a veteran (and by the sounds of it, excellent) server doesn’t even follow proper tipping etiquitte is disheartening. How can there be any hope fore “regular” folk? 10% is never acceptable.

  2. Jenna, that 10% from me only happens in the rarest of circumstances and the worst possible service. As long as the service is at least acceptable, I leave 20%, if the service is great, I leave upwards of 50%. If the server ignores my table, doesn’t bother getting refills, and just plain doesn’t do their job, that’s when I leave 10%. It’s rare, but it happens.

  3. I was in the restaurant business for 15 years, and I only saw a server follow someone out over a bad tip one time. It was a pretty big check, and they left him a handful of change. Normally I think the guy would have just rolled with it, but he was having a pretty hard time in his personal life, and I guess they just caught him on the wrong day. He went outside, they were alreday in the car, and he threw the change at the car and went off on them. He got fired, but he was kind of a hero to the rest of the staff, the customers in question were well known for being rude and demanding and then leaving less than a dollar for their server. They also drove a very expensive car, so I doubt they couldn’t afford to tip.

  4. The key in this whole equation is that if a customer can’t afford to tip, that customer can’t afford to go out.

    A guy we all make fun of once told the bartender, “I’m sorry if I don’t tip well, but I only make minimum wage.” He then proceeded to order a handful more pints over the course of the evening. Where’s the math there?

  5. Sharece Thomas is the most delusional, ghetto tramp breathing in my opinion…The fact that she knew about tipping from her sister and still left a piss poor tip is a spit in the face…And scream racism to try to rally a black person like me is almost comical…Her new video has shown in so many ways that she’s now aware of her bad publicity and is ready to reap the consequences of it….All I got to say to her is “Bon Apettite, BITCH”!!!!

  6. Never ever followed someone out, even after taking much abuse preceding the lousy tip. Like you say, Ribeye, no use getting fired on top of it. If I see the person again, I may resort to “space cadet waitress” mode to amuse myself and discourage them from sitting at my table. Nothing exactly punishable, just little disservices. “Oh, did you ask for extra lemon/ranch/saddlebags? Oh… sorry. I’ll be …right back…” (wanders off for slightly too long, returns with not quite enough of requested item). Leave ’em with the sense, “well, we don’t want THAT waitress again!” — and make them think it was their idea all along.

    I have on occasion made a point to say a special thank you to people who left an extra nice tip, although it has seemed to weird some people out on occasion. Can’t quite understand why.

    I also have a pet peeve of servers who grab the check folder off the table (sometimes even before the guest leaves!), and throw it open in the middle of the dining room to investigate their spoils. Tacky, tacky, tacky! It’s like looking into a tissue after you’ve blown your nose. What are you expecting, emeralds? Go do it in private if you must.

  7. CJ, I’ll occasionally open the folder in the middle of the floor, but it’s just a quick glance and I don’t open it fully.
    If it’s a CC slip, I’ll open it when I am cleaning the table to make sure they signed it and I don’t have to hunt/chase them down first.
    It’s more a habit than anything else

  8. Ook, yeah, considering some of your clientele you’re probably wise to check for a sig– or to make sure they haven’t walked out on the bill altogether!– I hadn’t thought of that. There are ways to do it discreetly, and I’m sure you do. I’m talking about the ones that seize the check folder, burying their noses in it; I’ve seen servers do it so obviously that it embarrassed a regular, perfectly considerate guest. The whole dining room was left wondering, “wow, does our beer buddy stiff the waitress or what?”

  9. I’ve WANTED to follow people out and throw their change in their face but I haven’t. I can say that I do work with someone who has. They were written up but not fired. I have followed a guest out to say thank you for the amazing tip. If I do get stiffed and I HAVE to wait on the same person at a later time, I’m not as nice and I take a really long time to take their order. For instance, I had to wait on a table that always stiffs me today. They wanted lunch and we stopped serving it at 3. They ordered at 3:02 and I said, Sorry, lunch is over. Now, perhaps if I liked them I would have made an exception but they’re bitches and they know it. 🙂

  10. I really began to suspect that she was lying about the whole thing when she spoke about going back in to see the manager, but she never elaborated what the manager said.

    It just sounded contrived at that point.

  11. I’m sorry, Jenna, but I’m going to have to kindly disagree with you.

    The 15-18% tip is the standard for a server who does their job adequately. This is much like school. The 15-18% is a “C”; right in the middle of average. If they do better, the percentage goes up. If they do worse, the percentage goes down.

    I expect a high quality of service out of my server, and I return decent tips. Generally around 20% or more, depending on the service. I also expect that if the server, who I know in this state is making $2.13 an hour, to care about his tip. If he doesn’t seem to care about his tip by giving me shitty service, I assume he doesn’t care if I leave him a shitty tip.

    Being in the music field after leaving serving and partially leaving teaching, this also seems to be a common place for standing ovations. They seem to be the norm instead of a hallmark of excellence and rare-to-find performances. Give your server what he gives you. If he throws shit on your table, throw it back.

  12. I once went up to a customer after receiving $5.oo on a large check.(can’t remember the total)It was a credit card and he didn’t fill in the total. That happens alot……i asked him if there was something wrong with my service because of the tip.He looked at me like what are you talking about? I showed him and he thought he left me $50.00. He apologized laughed and fixed it. I know I was lucky that it worked out that way but I wasn’t taking any chances. I don’t think I would do it again tho. Also Ribeye I tip on service and service alone, (i don’t care how cute he is.) LOL If I get the basic service from my server they get just enough to cover the tax. That’s it I am NOT tipping someone becasue they are a “fellow” server.That rule was made up by servers who just stand around talking all the time, go through the “steps” at the table, do a little bit of sidework, go on smoke breaks all the time. You know the ones. They also bitch about not making any money that night. I laugh at some of my co workers that do that becasue I know I have a wad of tips in my pocket and we had the same head count. Being a server is hard work. Impress the shit out of me and you get the 20%.

  13. Servers *do* chase poor tippers out into the parking lot on occasion; you can’t say she’s a complete liar on that count.

    Back in the olden days (’90), I served two summers at a 4-ish* star steak and seafood restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama. Two times, while I was working there, waitresses ran out to the parking lot to throw a customer’s 37 cent tip back at them, shouting “Here! You must need this more than I do!” I think these servers usually got fired after the second offense: though not entirely because of the event; they were usually on the high-strung side, and often the same people who were too good to do sidework properly.

    [*We tried to be a 5-star restaurant, and had the food to back it up, but the service was a bit uneven, and every now and then, you’d hear “mutha-f*ck!” drift out of the kitchen while the doors were open. I would always joke to my shocked table that the cooks really got upset when a steak was too well done, which went over well.]

  14. The only people who would DARE follow a guest to the parking lot would not still have a job. She is a fucking liar. I would lose my job on the spot, even if the trashy piece of shit got what they deserved.

  15. I have followed someone out before.

    I had a table of two younger girls come in, I would guess they were eighteen. They ordered water, looked at the menu for a few minutes, and decided to order the appetizer sampler. They wanted to do a substitution, getting more boneless wings instead of spinach dip. This isn’t allowed, but I did it anyway, because we were slow. So bring that out, and do my two minute check back. They want to speak to a manager. I ask why when he leaves the table—they want to return the food that is half eaten because it is not enough food for them..and he allows it! That isn’t even a real reason! they ordered entrees from him, and he forgot to mention, even though it is on the menu, that there is an extra charge for a side salad with their well done steak. So they get that comped, and the sampler, and leave a comment instead of a tip, calling me a bitch and telling me that I need an attitude adjustment. I tried to find them to ask about it, but didn’t. found out later that one of them works at one of the companies other stores and found out how to play the managers for free food. bitches.

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