Drunk people are annoying.

I hate it when people get totally drunk in my presence.


7 thoughts on “Drunk people are annoying.

  1. Blaaaah… people suck. Some days, don’t you just hate all people? LOL

    Here’s a therapeutic exercise: Start refering to people as “cunt”, it will lower your stress level(s) immensely, I promise.

    For example, a particularly ghetto female could be “CuntShequa”, a really redneck male could be CletCuntIss”, a white trash female (like the O’Charley’s patron) could be “BerthCuntAh”.

    There’s just something powerfully releasing in that word. Say those things aloud and see if it doesn’t help release some of that anger towards the stupidity and shamelessness of these people.

  2. I’ve been waiting tables for four months and during that time I’ve only had to cut one table off. They were nice about it, although they kept telling my manager that they could keep drinking because they “only lived a mile down the road, really!” Right, because it’s impossible to get in an accident when you’re only driving one mile.

    Your newest reader,

  3. He threw up on your table?! Dear God – I lead a sheltered life. I’ve never seen this. But then I am a non-drinker…most of the time. And I have never gotten drunk.

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