Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

I hate to say it guys, but I’m one of the ones saying Merry Christmas around this time of year. I might not hold the same beliefs as Christians, but I do like to be cheerful around this time of year, and my guests seem to usually appreciate it. I have a tendency to write Merry Christmas on my guest checks, or the bottom of one of their credit card slips, unless the name on the slip is very obviously Jewish, in which I’ll write Happy Holidays.

I don’t see what the big deal is about Merry Christmas. Most of us grew up hearing it, it’s what this time of year is known for across America. If you don’t like it, well then don’t listen, but it’s going to be said. All this talk about changing Christmas tress to Holiday trees has me nauseated. I’m not going to be the one saying “Happy Holidays” to every single guest, and I won’t be answering phones saying “Happy Holidays” either.

I know people have different beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that we should hinder a lifelong tradition in favor of political correctness. As you all know, I’m the last person alive that cares for political correctness, so trying to get me to change is a fruitless effort.

Just a small rant, but one that’s been getting on my nerves for a bit, especially after seeing on the news about people changing a Christmas tree to a Holiday tree. Why don’t we just change the date too?

On a lighter note, my last post with the fantasy twist seems to be having good results, leading me to think I may do more.


16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

  1. I think that lumping something as rediculous as changing a X-Mas tree to “Holiday Tree” (WTF? No other holidays that I know of employ a pine tree as part of it’s symbology!) in with saying “Happy Holidays” is sort of silly. I don’t think it’s a question of PC or not. By “taking a stand” to only say “Merry X-Mas”, you just sound unreasonable. Happy Holidays is universal, and it insures that everyone you talk to will be somehow covered. That’s just good business.

    I generally agree with your rants and bitchery, but you lost me on that point.

  2. Speaking of trees, I participated in the festival of trees for a charity through my college. I made a tree with skulls (trust me, it was way cute) and so did another student. My school refused to display the tree or let me attach their name to when I delivered it to the charity (who loved it!!) because they succumbed to complaints that it was a mockery of the “christian” christmas, problem is, I am not christian.Why do they think that I mock them in this way?? It was kinda a “Holiday tree” in that respect, although it was just in fun,no matter what the season.

    Why are people getting their panites in a bunch about their religion anyhow? I am not offended over creche displays or stars of david or whatever represents other religions, we should be diversfied and tolerant of all, no matter what. It seem that it is the over religious who cant look beyond their own narrow minds to see that others celebrate differently, should be allowed to and respected for that.If someone says “Merry Christmas”< “Happy Hannakuh” or “Happy Holiday” doesnt matter much to me, just be happy and celebrate that!

  3. Actually Christians who are serious about their religion should call for the abolishment of Christmass. In the first centuries of the Christian religion it was considered a mockery to celebrate the birth of Jesus also Christians don’t even know the day it’s thought to have occured in the spring or early October.

    Christmass was banned for decades in America to boot. If you celebrated it you would have been severly punished even killed. Guess who was carrying out the punishment and made Christmass illegal. It was the Puritans. Those godless pricks!

    Happy Holidays is just a more business friendly way of acknowleding the half dozen or holidays that occur in the winter month.

    For decades in the United States businesses and towns did Happy Holidays or had winter festivals.

  4. It’s not the rest of us with our panties in a bunch, only the fundalmentalist christians who for some bizarre reason think this is a christian country. The founding fathers are spinning in their graves over this one as every single one of them demanded seperation of church and state.

  5. People have no business getting offended by a Christmas tree. We don’t act offended by their religion. Just let people be & mind your own business. If you don’t want to hear the words, “Christmas Tree,” don’t listen. Simple as that. Personally, I say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!”

  6. Hey Ribeye,

    I have to agree with you regarding the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays question. Apparently if you prefer to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays, lots of people think you are deliberately trying to offend people who don

  7. I don’t understand why people get so angry about being wished a Merry Christmas. It’s not like you’re insulting them – it’s just a seasonal pleasantry. It sounds like those people have far too much time on their hands.

  8. Ditto what Joe said.

    The problem with political correctness is people tend to get caught up in wording and miss the intention behind the words. If you say “Merry Christmas” to someone you’re simply making a gesture of goodwill. It’s like how calling a lady “ma’am” is meant as a polite means of address, and yet…

    I get a kick out of being called “ma’am” because I’m twenty three and almost always younger than the person addressing me. At the same time, I’d think it grand if someone wished me a Happy Hanukkah or Merry Kwanza.

    Can’t we all just take things in the spirit in which they’re given?

  9. I love Chrismas – just love it. I’m a Catholic and really get into the season (you should see my nativity scene). My boss is Jewish, so I wish her a Happy Hannukah and she wishes me Merry Christmas. We get along just fine.

  10. I like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and have them wish me greetings in what ever holiday they celebrate. I’m not picky. Go ahead, wish me a happy Haunnakah, Happy Kwanza, Merry Yak Shaving Day, whatever. I won’t make you change your holiday if you don’t mess with mine. In fact, teach me something great about your holiday so I can be a more informed human being and I’ll show you something great about mine. That way we can both be part of each others spirit of the holiday.

  11. Does anyone actually personally have experience with someone being offended when wished “Merry Christmas”? I’ve never heard of it happening, and I’d be curious to know if the whole phenomenon/issue is based on hearsay or on only the assumption that non-Christians would be offended if wished “Merry Christmas.”

  12. If someone wants to wish me a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah”, I appreciate the sentiment even if my beliefs are different. Similarly, when someone wishes blessings on me I just take it in the spirit intended.

    But from a practical standpoint, “Happy Holidays” just makes more sense as it refers to the holiday season. “Merry Christmas” applies to one specific day so it doesn’t make sense to wish it upon someone 3 weeks early.

  13. I know this is very late, as I just recently found your site, but I have to tell you that I completely agree. I say Merry Christmas all the time, especially to people who say Happy Holidays to me. When I was Christmas shopping (not holiday shopping) I said Merry Christmas to each cashier and only 2 of them said it back to me. I either got a Happy Holidays or some other generic response.

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