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In a totally unprecedented move, based on the many comments on this matter, I’ve added another answer to the poll.


3 thoughts on “Poll Edit

  1. It’s your poll, but there is still a bit of a bias. I have two boys, 2 and 3 years old, that can behave like gentlemen when we go out. Their butts are firmly planted in their seats until it’s time to leave, they have never been allowed to shred crackers on the floor, and they even have been known to spontaneously say “fank you” when a plate is put in front of them (but that’s fairly irregular from the 2-year-old).

    Two children (or more) is NOT too many, if the parents take the time to discipline them from the beginning. It’s sad, really, the parents who don’t take time to discipline their children end up doing much more work in the long run. When one of my kids gets overly excited by the birthday singers at the local Mexican restaurant, a murmured “seats, please” is enough to keep him in place, because we spent enough time up front, and he know what is expected of him.

  2. My spawn know that if they say anything besides “please” and “Thank you” to the server, they are getting a quick trip to either the bathroom or the car for an attitude adjustment. I was a server at one point in time and I will not have them being unchecked hethans in a restaurant. I will ask for my food packaged to go before I get embarassed by them.

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