The Dark Witches of Tequila

Well here’s another post done fantasy style, let’s see how this one works out.

They entered the tavern hours after the setting of the sun, the two of them with their stench of garlic and patchouli.


9 thoughts on “The Dark Witches of Tequila

  1. I have been reading your blogging for a few months now and i really enjoy them, but truth be told Im not sure I care for the new fantasy style. In fact Im sure I do not care for it as it has prompted me to post for the first time.

    Just a few thoughts….

    1st as some one who dates a witch they do not all smell like patchouli, trust me alot do but not all and I to am one who can not stand that smell.

    2nd all witches do not come from the poor side of town…lol My GF and her friends included mainly come from upper middle class and still live that way today…

    3rd ummm I have never met a ghetto witch let alone a black witch Im sure there are some out there but of the few hundred I have run into at gatherings and the what not I have yet to meet a black witch…lol

    So basicly I was just not happy with some of the stero types you thre upon that group of society and then to mix it in with ghetto trash just seemed to piss me off a bit more…

    Love the site I will most likely continue to read it even if you keep with the not so accurate fantasy lines…

  2. Uh, being a witch myself…….Big Nick?
    It was a FANTASY story.
    Made up, for fun.

    Don’t be so overly sensitive.

    It made me laugh.

  3. Hay Ribeye,

    Love your blog. Just started reading a couple days ago and I’ve already torn through the entire history of posts. The fantasy style is good, but I liked the other one where you had the what-really-happened recap for those of us too lazy/tired/stupid to read through the more involved stuff. And besides, your regular style is a lot of fun to begin with, so I get a little sad if there’s no “Ribeye Classic” in the update.

    Also! I was gonna e-mail you about sleep paralysis. If you’re still interested in talking about it, you’ve got my e-mail. Keep on keeping on!

    Much love from Wisconsin

  4. I vote for the classic post style. I think that it’s much more entertaining to know that those people actually exist in the real world without having to throw some fantasy elements in there. You’re a great writer, but still, I vote for the old story styles. πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Ribeye,

    Love the blog. Don’t really dig the fantasy style writing. I’m voting for “Ribeye Classic”. πŸ™‚

    ~Groupie in Seattle

  6. Well, it was better without the “how it really happened” explanation as it keeps its color better. However, I think you should do more of these. Practice makes perfect and I think this has some potential.

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