Coming up on my 150th post.

No, this one is nothing bad.


5 thoughts on “Coming up on my 150th post.

  1. congrats on the success of the blog, Ribeye. i think it’s probably due to the fact that you’re a very funny guy, you have lots to share, and you actually update. i’ve stopped reading some of my “favorites” because they just don’t update enough. i should talk. i’m horrible at keeping up with my journal.
    anyway. congrats again.

  2. You have talent honey, I just have luck, and a great boyfriend who helps me with advertising and maintenance. I just make the posts and put the links. Get your site on MyBlogLog, StumbleUpon (someone put mine there and my hits doubled), Technorati, and make sure you’re on BitterWaitress. Another thing to do is keep it updated! You’ll have me beat in no time.


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