Some people are just pure evil

I’ve come to the conclusion after the past few shifts that some people, despite their nice personalities, are truly touched by demons within.


6 thoughts on “Some people are just pure evil

  1. People using their race is getting really old. The only people who do it are racist. And people getting pissy because they’re morons is also getting old.

  2. Yes, Jaime, he’s an awesome guy, and his family is sweet as Hell. They liked me because I kept the autograph whores away from them. They came in after church for lunch and to play games, and have some fun, and having people chase him down for his autograph ruined it. I even pissed off a few of my co-workers because I wouldn’t let them near the table. The only one that got past me got fired for it.

  3. If I had had my credit card rejected, i’d be embarrassed and it would be awhile before i’d want to come back, but then again i have sense enough to stay at home when i am broke.

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