I’m not your slave!

I don’t understand people’s obsession with making demands of servers. We’re here to serve you yes, but not to cater to your every fucking whim!

Just a little while ago, while standing in bowling waiting on a lane to appear, I hear the dreaded “Hey you”. I turn around, and there’s a group of guys standing at the bar.

“Can I help you” I ask them, wantinng to throttle them for not just walking up to me.

“Get back der an make some burr fa us” one of them yelled at me. I noticed his pants kept falling down and suppressed a groan.

“Sorry guys, I’m not allowed behind the bar. The bartender will be back in a minute.”

“But you da waitah, you pose ta do what we say. Go get us some Bud.”

“Guys, ordering me to do something isn’t going to make it happen.”

I start to walk off when I see them move. I wait to see what they’re doing. One of them grabs a few glasses from our service station and reaches around the bar. He then tries to pour his own beer.

Managers were escorting them out as I clocked out for break. I have to get back, but I’ll post more in a bit.



5 thoughts on “I’m not your slave!

  1. Were they white or were they black? either way they deserved what they got. Cause reaching around to fill your own beer or drink is considered by many theft isn’t that correct?

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