Just some tips for servers new and seasoned alike


6 thoughts on “Just some tips for servers new and seasoned alike

  1. Awesome AWESOME post, Rage. And two quick things….

    Be careful with certain regulars. At my former restaurant, I had regulars (almost always male) who would come in with their wives & family on, say, Wednesday, and bring the girlfriend on Friday night.

    Your tip — and possibly your safety — depend upon keeping these particular visits separate. You do not want to say to the rat bastard that “that extremely young lady seemed to really enjoy the special I brought her on Friday night, Mr. Cheating Customer. Do you think your clueless wife would like to try that tonight?”

    Also, in regard to honesty, when a guest asks how a specific entree is, never NEVER say, “Oh, I wouldn’t know. I hate seafood (or whatever).” Just know what’s in all the shit on the menu, and simply tell the guest if the entree is popular or not. Isn’t that easier?


    – Dennis

  2. Excellent rules, all: it’s interesting how much of this has to be told to people, when you’d think it was common sense. The part about dressing might be expanded a bit to include personal jewelry and makeup, though. Servers should be aware that [right or wrong] facial piercings and goth makeup will offend a certain percentage of customers, and that will be reflected in your tips. Management may not request that you tone it down, but do you really want to be paid less per hard-working hour?

    You’ve also said, go out to each table and assume the best, at least until proven otherwise. When I was waiting tables, I don’t know how many couples of elderly ladies I picked up, because the servers groaned and gave away the tables (“they’re sh*t tippers”). I was young and naive, and figured I could wow the tables with some personal attention. Did I clean up on tips? No. But did I usually make 10-12% on a low-maintenance table, outside my section, and thus completely in addition to my usual money? You bet. I expected the table to reward me for great service, and gave them great service, as opposed to just writing them off.

  3. It’s great seeing an insider give their two cents worth to whip the slackers into shape. The whole service industry (and especially those who are darn good at their job) suffers from those who can’t pull their weight and don’t give a shit about their job.

    All great tips, ones which would make do everywhere around the world. Whether you’re doing your best to keep the customers coming back or leaving you a nice tip, all of the above really are things which one should expect from their waiters and waitresses.
    When you’re living in a country (Finland) where tipping is not the custom (read: just doesn’t happen. Ever.), all the personality and caring for your customers seems to take a back seat. Shame, really… Then again, the great waiters and waitresses are more likely to shine and get a pay raise…

    The Consumer Etiquette Guide

  4. Amen on the saggy pants. Lord how I hate saggy pants! Some of the students with size 31 inch waists wear size 61 inch pants. Then they pair them with humongous boots that are way too big for their feet. Clowns I say.

  5. What about if you are getting paid 8$ hourly wage at a little togo restuaraunt, hosting, waiting, busing, and closing chores then boss requests 10% of tips for cooking herself, with only 15% employee discount?? Any sugestions?

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