Party Season has arrived!

This means the Ribeye will be working much overtime, dealing with more stupid people, and coming home bitchier than ever.

Parties at my job are great money, except for the fact that you don’t get your gratuity the same day. Each party you’ll get upwards of a hundred or more dollars of your own, but you don’t get the money until the next paycheck. This means that the private party that I worked this past Saturday night, the one I worked last night and the one that I’m going in to work this morning, will not be on my paycheck until next Thursday. This can cause a lot of added stress to people who already are broke or behind on their shopping.

It also really sucks when the party in question doesn’t leave you anything over the gratuity, after you’ve gone above and beyond taking care of the bastards. The party I worked last night was open bar, and started out in the dining room. When they moved to the game room, I had to run to the dining room every time I wanted to get them a drink, then run back to the game room to deliver said drink. It would have been easier had the Micros system been on my side, but we couldn’t transfer the ticket to the game room. I tell the guests that I need to go to the dining room to get their drinks, thinking maybe they’ll take pity on me and give me some extra money while seeing me run for everything. Nothing. 40 dollar grat for 3 hours of running my ass off. They weren’t Canadians, they weren’t hicks, they weren’t trash. Well, I guess they were trash.

Sometimes you can’t judge these parties though. A few weeks ago I had a really ghetto party. This wasn’t the TSU Homecoming party, which had the spit on Ribeye theme toward the end, this was a really good party. I got 75 bucks extra grat on that one.


6 thoughts on “Party Season has arrived!

  1. We have to wait until our paychecks to receive all non-cash gratuities. Often, I leave work with less cash than when I came (tip out, which is up to our own discretion). It’s not unusual for me to have a $150 night where $10 was cash tips and $140 Credit Card (hypothetical numbers) and I pay $25 in tip-out and leave at -$15. However, the check comes every other week, and I get the money.

    I have worked a few places like this and I don’t mind it at all. It makes my bookkeeping a lot easier, for one. Also, these is no pressure to declare cash tips.

  2. Big parties are a delight at my place. The buffets are very easy. Basically we just keep an eye on the food level and alert the kitchen when they’re running low. It’s usually a cash bar which is easy enough once you have a system down. When one (yes that’s right, one) of us is working a party, all we do is keep drinks filled, make change for drinks, pre bus tables and keep an eye on the buffet levels. Half the time I am just walking around trying to look busy, lol! Oh, and we get paid for the party that very same day.

  3. No offense but you still made over $15 an hour on the party you bitched about (40/3 +$2.13), why would you expect extra? I’m guessing the grats already a hefty 18% which would be about right for great service?

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