Some servers make life Hell for their co-workers

We have a new server at my job.


14 thoughts on “Some servers make life Hell for their co-workers

  1. luckily in my restaurant, we only have 9 servers on our staff (4-6 on the floor at a time), and 3 managers. We will all get pissed if one server drops thier slack, because there’s no way you can hide. its kind of nice

  2. You are not alone at all. My restaurant opened almost a year ago – nearly everyone was new to the chain and there was no cohesive closing plan for months. One of the servers is chosen each night as the closer, who checks everyone else’s sidework, except in the beginning nobody knew what they were checking for. We rotate sidework nightly, and it seems like every time I get something I haven’t done in a few days, it’s totally destroyed and takes me forever to stock and clean properly because no one’s done any more than the bare minimum. Sometimes, while I’m scrubbing soup splatter off the wall after all the other first cuts have gone home, I wish my mother had raised me to be a slacker instead of a conscientious worker. Damn her!

  3. the same thing goes on at my place. its gotton so bad that i hate my day off as i know when i return everythings going to be all messed up again

  4. I just started a new job after being at a place for 5 years. I was always cleaning, stocking, picking up slack and getting bitched at for not doing enough-Hence the new job.
    Now I have pretty much taken over all the sidework and have enforced that EVERYONE does their share. I am the resident bitch.
    And I so do not care.
    I will not work in a messy restaurant.

  5. pardon my language: BUT: i fucking hate all the lazy ass bastards.

    my store sucks. most everyone there sucks. and i’m tired of pulling the extra slack for every lazy ass mo’fo that talks to their tables their ENTIRE shift and MAYBE runs two of their trays all night.

    i’m about to start busting some heads. things have to change.

  6. This is not limited to just the restaurant industry. As a whole, kids coming into the workplace today (or joining the military) have an “entitlement” mentality. That is, they expect to be given anything their heart desires without any of the responsibility that comes with it.

    “You mean I actually have to WORK for a paycheck?”

  7. I know exactly how you feel ribeye. Of all of our servers there are about 3 of us who actually work. Lucky for the others, I was promoted to manager a few weeks ago. I tell them to do something and now it actually gets done! I do have one server who seems to detest my authority, but I just smile and ask her to do it. If she refuses, I get to fire her. Not that I’d want to fire anyone, it’s just nice to know if they don’t want to clean or do their work then it’s goodbye for them. The manager before me cut people way too much slack and now I get to fix it all.

  8. This is a subject very close to home. I’ve been at my current place of employment 1.5 years. When I started , things ran a lot smoother and you did the things expected of you. Now we have many new people who are young and seem to think their mothers work with them.

    I am constantly getting butter packets, jelly packets, crackers, etc out of the bus pans. NO I am not in management but I know that waste means $$ and lost $$ isn’t good for any of us. One night I counted 20 saucers of butter I found everywhere BUT where they belonged.

    I am constantly told by new management and employees that I am too hard on them. How is my following the rules set forth by our company and expecting people to pull their own weight too hard? I am a checker many times and have been told to go easy on newbies or that someone ALMOST did their sidework correctly and to give them credit. What a load of bullshit. If they don’t learn to do it correctly, how can anyone every expect them to do so.

    I have been accused of running new people off. This week alone we had a new hire who has been seen by several members of our staff stealing other servers tips, accuse me of stealing the tip from a party I was forced to split with him. I along with older staff members were not sorry to see him go. We do not need slackers nor thieves.

    The only thing lower than a slackard is a thief who steals from fellow employees.

  9. I despise the grossly uneven work loads. A long time ago, I worked at a nice steakhouse in Raleigh, NC. We had all of the normal opening, closing, side, etc work with the added work of things that come with a fine dining establishment. Whenever I would open with manager John, I HATED it. The men on the shift were allowed to sit with John in the bar area while the rest of us made sure everything was in perfect order. He would get “the boys” drinks and sometimes even food and they would sit on their asses watching sports and yelling comments to us at what had to be done. This manager was also constantly trying to sleep with me and obviously was telling tales to his male cohorts because they all thought of me as a joke and made lewd comments to the effect of what John and I had done (which was NOTHING because he was a nasty, over-weight piece of trash who I wouldn’t even consider giving the time of day to.)

  10. Where I work, I need to create a side work chart, although I have not done this yet. We are aided by some of the best bus-boys (and some of the worst, but the good ones out number the bad ones) in the industry. These guys work their asses off and make double what they would anywhere else.

    I have plenty of lazy servers, and I cannot stand working with them. I am happier when they no-show – forget the money, it’s actually less work for me.

    The good news is, when I do the schedule, the are dropped from “weekend only” to “special event only” (where they are assigned the dinning area on special events, or to bad special events giving the good servers the dinning area). Eventually, they either quit, get fired or simply sink away into a once per month server.

  11. I should explain. My restaurant has only 2 full-time servers and 2 full time bus boys. We have 4 part-time servers and 4 part time bus boys. I work behind the bar as needed during the week and as needed (usually just making drinks for servers) on the weekends. We have 2 weekend part time bar tenders as well. I have assumed many managerial roles, including interviewing and hiring.

  12. Well this is a touchy subject. I have some girls that think because they do alot of the stocking and refilling condiments it gives them the excuse to be poor servers. By that I mean they are in the kitchen doing this stuff while they have customers at their tables. I really hate it when they start closing procedures like cleaning carts and taking condiments off the shelf while some of us still have tables to server/wait on. I DO NOT start my closing work till my tables have left. You know what this means for me …most of the work is done by the time I get to starting. I don’t ignore my tables to get out early.So I don’t care if I hear that I don’t do any closing sidework if they are stupid enough not to leave me anything to do it’s their own fault. That’s my take on it. Plus I hate it when they neglect straightening their tables “pre-shift” to do extra stock in the kitchen so they won’t have to do it later. I hate spotty silverware and goblets. And most times their section is a mess. Argh Thing is clean when appropriate stock when slow and focus on the customer while they are seated at the table.

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