Stupid people come in droves

When it rains, it pours.


5 thoughts on “Stupid people come in droves

  1. Per Manager M and the Shafted Server:

    Put Visine in his drink! Oh hell no! We would have had a knock down, drag out fight! Obscenities like you thought could never be uttered would reign forth and you’d swear this tiny, 5’2, 110lb redheaded dyanmo was about to rip your f’ing throat out!

    At the very least, this server should draft and send a well-thought out and presented formal letter to corporate and all of the kahunas over Manager M’s arse.

  2. Kudos to the bartenders that stood their ground. If Manager Mouseballs had tried to mediate (ie, MANAGE) the situation rather than acquiesce, he could have had both sides agreed with lots less stress. Not all the nuances of these things are obvious to the public; some are totally specific to a given establishment, but tip jars are 100% voluntary. Regarding the 2nd, is there no “general” manager? The GM (or whomever) should have taken the comp (and the stiffed server’s pay) out of M’s check–we’ll see how “generous” he is the next time.

  3. Just putting in a word from the management POV (point of view)… don’t hate me just yet. I am a manager at a corporate owned casual dining restaurant. I want to say that I can see Manager M’s POV. Let me explain. I don’t know how your corporation is, but in mine… a pissed off guest not dealt with/”satisfied” by the manager on duty calls the corporate office and complains and ends up getting more $ than from them than the original issue cost. Then, the restaurant gets charge for the $ sent to “Bitchy Guest”. So… from Manager M’s POV, I can see asking the bartenders to remove the tip jars… and MAYBE taking off some of the gratuity (with the understanding that this idiot woman who can’t read a contract NEVER books with us again). This make a compromise with “Bitchy Guest”, costs less money that they would get if they bitched to Corporate and doesn’t cause a mark in my employee file for not handling the situation to begin with. HOWEVER… once “Bitchy Guest” is settled down, the VERY NEXT STEP is to pull aside the bartender and server(s) working the party and explain first: My apologies they had to deal with Bitchy Guest. Second: Providing each of them their original compensation they should have gotten if the woman wasn’t an idiot. Third: Providing them with an additional $10-$20 and reiterating my apologies.

    It seems a bit of caving… and obviously should NOT happen all the time… depends on the circumstances… sometimes you need to choose your battles. But if a manager feels it’s best to cave… this is the only way I’ve found to ensure the guest doesn’t flip out and call corporate (only making more paperwork for me and a phone call from el-director) and still keeping the bartenders and servers appeased and working well and feeling appreciated.

    To other managers: A VERY wise Manager once told me, “Take care of your crew… your crew takes care of your guests… your guests take care of any number corporate wants to see”.

  4. I’ve had my fill of stupid people. 2 examples just from last night.

    A newer server put an empty coffee pot back on the burner. Whoa we don’t put empty pots back on the burner. Well where do I put it? Um anywhere but back on the burner. I don’t know where it goes. I then asked her how old she was. I was then chided by management for being a tad bit ugly and they KNOW I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. Uh yes I did. If you are an “adult” and do not know not to put an empty pot back on the burner , then I can get snitty with you.

    2nd example. Due to city ordinance we can no longer smoke anywhere in building. I do not smoke but 99% of coworkers do. So when they open back door to “take out the trash,” all smokers run outside leaving one person in each dining room. No warning. No “Can you watch my tables?”

    I picked up one table during this time. Took customers 20 minutes to decide what to eat. Took about 20-25 minutes to get their order out to them. As I am handing out their food , grandma demands a booster seat for the 4 year old. I say yes ma’am as soon as I hand your food out, I’ll get one. I WANT ONE NOW! Ma’am as you can see I am handing out your food and am not setting the tray down nor taking your food back to the kitchen to get your booster seat. I will get it in just a minute. I have to return to kitchen to get 2 items of food missing off tray. In my defense I didn’t set tray up so not my fault. I bring tray with missing items and am met with WHERE’S MY BOOSTER SEAT? Again I have my hands full and will get it as soon as I set this food down. I get booster seat.

    She stiffed me because I didn’t bring booster seat when she asked for it. Stupid bitch. Why the fuck didn’t she ask for one in the 40 minutes BEFORE their food arrived?

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