When cooks rebel

Everyone wants to throttle the kitchen sometimes.


5 thoughts on “When cooks rebel

  1. Whoa, way to generalize. I get having a problem with a cook who messes up a steak temp but not every cook is coked up.
    I cooked for a very long time and I treat my kitchen with so much respect because I know how hard they work.

    I think you get back what you put in and you really should start treating your kitchen much better.

  2. You’re right, Masie, not every cook is coked up. I never said they were, I said Most of them were. I cooked for 2 years, and I loved it. I love serving more, so I went back to it. The day shift cooks at my job are awesome, they aren’t incompetent like their night shift counterparts. I treat my kitchen the way they treat the entire waitstaff, myself included. I thank them when they do a good job, I heckle them when they heckle us, and when the kitchen, namely DoneWell, the cook that inspired the post to begin with, can’t get a steak right to save their lives, I let them know about it!

    I’ve worked with awesome cooks, and I’ve worked with the dregs. I’ve worked for more than one restaurant that had the dregs. It’s not like I’m the only server who notices it.

  3. Every server has their breaking point, this was yours. My experience, on the whole, has been much like yours. (throw in the harrassment bc I’m female). Not EVERY cook was like that but a good bit more than 3/4 were.

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  5. It sounds like your kitchen is on part with most of your FoH companions. I do know however that if one of the servers melted down on a cook like that (as long as said cook wasn’t acknowledged as a fuckoff) the server would be ahead of the game if we only weren’t cooking his food.

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