Despite what some of you may think,

I don’t hate all of my guests, or all of my co-workers, or even all of my management.

I have problems with the co-workers who don’t work, who are incompetent, lazy louts that would rather spend more time on texting than doing their jobs.


11 thoughts on “Despite what some of you may think,

  1. What ever! Tell these people to go cry in their Cheerios! We’re not here to read about sunshine & daisies! People seriously need thicker skin. Wah! Poor me!

    Keep up the good work, Ribeye, and don’t cater or pander to these whiny people. They can always read another more ‘cook friendly’ blog. You are not responsible for those who CHOOSE to be offended when the post wasn’t even specifically about them.

  2. People will always find something to complain about. I would hope no one thinks this is a complete picture of your life, let alone your serving attitude. It is nice you note your favorite/excellent/supportive guests as well. Blog comments can be cruel. Don’t let them get your down and end your blog like I.Serve.Idiots. Good or bad write what you want. I love your blog so please keep the stories coming.

  3. How can people expect fluffy, lovely, fairy tale like good sweetness from a blog named RagingServer?! How can you rant about people who are nice and fun? Other people are quite thick if they think or expect anything but rants here. I for one enjoy them quite nicely thanks!

  4. Personally I enjoy reading about all the fuck-up’s. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has to deal with idiots like that.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog because you talk about losers, trash, ghetto, etc. I find it amusing. A post now and then about how great your customers or co-workers are may placate the whiners, but why bother?

    I will continue to read even if you post some stuff that isn

  6. Believe it or not, Ribeye can be very sweet n charming *grins* – he’s not ALL evil, i promise… hehe. But I do like the way he presents one POV (point of view) of the service industry – one that most people never see, and I think really enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’ view.

  7. i agree with ragingpartner! I’m already behind the scenes but LOVE reading and tell everyone about this site. The way you present the things you/servers go through is awesome.

  8. Ribeye, I would stop reading your blog if you veered away from the classics like “Ghetto-ade”, ebonics, ankle-holders and stupid names.

    It’s therapeutic to see in text what I have nowhere to say out loud in that kind of mood.

    .. and I’ve expressed curiosity earlier: where did Springs go? Did she give up or was she banned? Not that I miss her, but she did disappear kind of abruptly.

  9. It is sad that people need rainbows and puppydogs these days to be pacified. I truly enjoy your blog, there are a lot of arseholes out there in all of the races, sexes, whatever. Keep being as blunt as you are and I’ll keep reading!

    PS- I do believe you have helped me tip more than 20% regularly now, especially at the local dive type of places on the smaller checks. I never tipped under 15%, but hell, we all have to make a living.

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