Oh the sounds of the season

The women bitching, the men drinking, the kids crying, the servers dying a little inside.

Upset Waitress put up a post that got me thinking about Christmas songs, and the out of tune people who sing and play them.

I don’t like hearing carols on the best of days, but when I have to hear the same ones over and over again at work it makes me want to vomit. What makes it worse is that the xm station we listen to at work is currently playing ‘a Boy Band Christmas’. I hate it. I hate it with all of my heart and soul.

Yet a part of me still ends up whistling the damn things as I work….

Somebody shoot me



6 thoughts on “Oh the sounds of the season

  1. Heya Ribeye. I have an entry dedicated to you. 🙂 I got the impression you were kind of being bashed on Bitter. My version is the funny truth. This truth goes for most in this biz. It’s a sad truth unfortunately.

  2. amen.
    i feel the same way.. i caught myself singing..”..since there’s no place to go..let it snow..etc.” ugh. i was like, “oh hell no.” and stopped immediately. lol

  3. I am with you 1000% on this one.

    I’m working in a mall currently (God Help ME!!!!) and the Muzak has been playing the same 15 Christmas songs for the past month and a half.

    The songs on their own will drive me to drink. Add the ghetto folk/white trash/hell anyone in general and… well…

    Let’s just say I can’t wait for January 3rd or so.

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