Why would you treat a new co-worker like shit?

I always wonder why new servers at a restaurant are treated like shit by the more tenured servers and shift leaders.


6 thoughts on “Why would you treat a new co-worker like shit?

  1. Unfortunately this kind of behaviour is not limited to the service industry. I have been bullied on more than one occasion in the workplace but I refused to let the little bastards make me quit. I had a boss once that was about 10 years my junior and she made my life hell for 2 years for no good reason other than she could.

  2. Where I work now is a small staff and the only thing that counts is being good. At my last job it became a high school “our you cool” type thing. Luckily, although not cool, I freely voice my opinion, and being older, know how and to whom to voice it to. But new servers at that place got shitty sections if they weren’t in the “in” crowd.

  3. Hi Ribeye–

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. The younger “tenured” slacker employees definitely feel threatened by the more experienced newbies. The tenured employees KNOW they will be shown up, and outed as slackers if they give your Miss Di a fair opportunity, so they are doing whatever they can to keep her down and marginalized, in the hope that she will quit — and then, of course, everyone can go right back to doing the least they can do.

    Unfortunately, your Miss Di, nice as she is, needs to thicken her skin a bit. As with any other bully on the schoolyard, the tenured kids will fold like a bad hand at a poker match once their bluff is called — and Miss Di is the one who has to call that bluff; no one else can do it for her. If she lets these kids know she can be pushed around, they will oblige her. She needs to personally call them on their bad behavior when it happens, the same way you train a disobedient puppy, and preferrably to the ringleader of the tenured kids. Once she stands up for herself like this, the other kids will give her a wide berth.

  4. Some people are just insecure and feel threatened by new people, especially older people. And without a doubt greed has a terible effect on people…….good post…..

  5. As I was reading your post, the first thing that popped into my head was “They feel threatened”.

    I’m going through something similar right now. I hope for her sake that things work out.

  6. This post couldn’t have come at a better time! At both of my jobs, in both the restaurant and nonrestaurant professions, we have bullying situations. The management at the restaurant job isn’t doing anything about it and doesn’t want me to call corporate. If it doesn’t get fixed soon, I’ve gone through the proper channels! At the nonrestaurant job, I hope that I can tough it out and not let the bully win.

    Thanks for listnening!

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