Just some pet peeves I’m throwing out there.

Another of my “Things to do and not to do” series tonight, mainly because I’m tired and as such my brain just isn’t working correctly right now.


4 thoughts on “Just some pet peeves I’m throwing out there.

  1. You know, I think you can boil this down to two words. Be Polite. I shudder when I run into people who behave like the ones you describe. Can you give us a description of some of your regulars – the nice ones?

  2. I have one to add. Please pay your bill and get the heck out of the restaurant. I make money by turning tables, and you sticking around and talking to your family, especially when we are on a wait, costs me money. There is a Starbucks in the same parking lot that makes for great after dinner conversation.

  3. I get really annoyed when customers bitch about our prices to me. Not only did I not make the prices, I can’t do anything about them. I always offer to get a manager to explain why our prices are what they are but they always decline. I think that it’s just an excuse to leave a smaller tip.

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