My blog readability level

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I somehow thought my reading level would be higher than that….I feel saddened that it’s not.


12 thoughts on “My blog readability level

  1. Don’t feel bad, it said mine was junior high and I know I use words that they don’t teach until the SAT classes in high school.

  2. Shenanigans indeed! Even my medically-jargon-laden posts earned me “High School.”

    If there is any truth to the ranking, then surely your lowered standing comes from the excellent phonetic [mis]spellings of many of your customers’ pathetic dialogue. If anything, your customers’ dialogue is at the elementary school level (if they’re lucky), in which case, the rating system is very much on the money.


  3. Lol, it’s hilarious. Apparently the thing doesn’t take profanity into account.

    Don’t feel bad, though. You’re in good company. The blog of one of my favorite writers, Neil Gaiman, also rates as elementary.

  4. Actually, your blog would probably be Graduate School level, except you have tales featuring people discussing “wangs”, “rainch”, “ghettoade”, et al, that lowers the score.

  5. “Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule.” Stephen King
    You might not care for his writing, who knows, but the rule works. Simple writing is almost always best.

  6. Relax. The NYTimes aimes its articles at a 5th grade reading level, and the White House aims its media releases at the 4th grade reading level . . . So you’re just fine!

  7. Even though the rating shouldn’t be taken seriously, my blog was high school rated. Henceforth, my writing will reflect that rating, for example – i couldnt get 2 work cuz i wuz 2 soar from last nite. i had girlz sucking my thang all nite, those stuped hos really thought i wud retrn the favor. LOL! dumb bitches.

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