Invasion of the “Big Boned” Babies

There was fat everywhere.


16 thoughts on “Invasion of the “Big Boned” Babies

  1. I was once kinda fat, although not like the land whales you describe, and when I got tired of being fat, I lost weight and am back to normal. I’ve stayed there for 15 years and I don’t give up any food I like. I just don’t eat it in huge quantities. One order of ranch is plenty for me.

  2. Yeah, people are probably going to flame this, that some obese people can’t help that they’re fat, it’s genetics, blah blah blah, BUT…

    Being 8 months pregnant and all the fun new hindrances that having an extra 15 lbs. in my stomach has brought me to a conclusion: if I ever actually get fat, I will have someone kill me. I’m so serious. I can’t even get up off the couch without help, and I’ve had to devise a “roll over” method to get out of bed. Shoes? Take at least 5 minutes to get on, and that’s a struggle. Seriously, Ribeye. If you ever hear I got fat, just kill me.

  3. Those women are fat because of what they eat plain and simple. It’s not genetics to blame. They fat because they are full of fat from all the fat crap they eat. If they cut out the Ranch dressing they would lose a lot of the fat.

  4. I’ve been overweight and I’ve also been underweight, though luckily both are not due to an eating disorder, but due to medications. Anyway, no matter what size I have been, I have a rule that I strictly adhere to: Just because they make it in my size, doesn’t mean that I have the body to wear it. Even at my smallest (5’7″, 135 lbs) I know I still didn’t have the body to pull off some of the fashions that were out there at the time. I prefer not to follow the trends, but to follow my body type. Oh well if it’s not what everyone else is wearing, it looks fits me right and covers everything that it’s supposed to cover, in turn making me look better than 200 lb girls trying to fit into skinny jeans.

  5. One more things, yes, many people out there have conditions that make it hard to lose weight. Many more are just lazy and don’t eat right or exercise. My mom was one of the ones that didn’t eat right or exercise, but one day she realized that most of her health issues were being directly caused by her obesity. She realized she wanted to be healthy enough to hang around and watch her grandchildren grow up. In the years since that revelation, she has lost probably over 150 pounds. This upcoming summer, she is going to have a full body tuck and liposuction to get rid of her pannus and aread like that where she can’t lose the weight. She lost all this weight through diet and exercise. That doesn’t mean that she gave up eating everything she likes. It just means that when she has a moment of weakness or a family function where we eat too much decadent food, she starts her diet over the next day. She never gives up no matter what has stood in her way. My mother makes me very proud and has also taught me the lesson to not get into that predicament in the first place and I won’t have to go through the problems she went through. I tell her all the time how proud I am of her and that I love her.

  6. Rachel, from the sounds of it, your mom was a whole different person before she lost the weight than these chubby monkeys. Ribeye, I hope you have better luck during ‘Crimmus’, but I personally think you are screwed. People say they will start their diet after the New Year, so they have a license to put every ounce of deep fried fatness past their greasy lips. Keep the stories coming.

  7. Goddamn that is an ungodly and disgusting amount of ranch dressing to eat in one meal. I couldn’t eat that much, i’d get sick. I don’t think i could do your job, Ribeye, these people are insane.

  8. I used to work with a girl who had so many rolls that she should have opened a bakery and yet she always wore cropped shirts that fully exposed her belly. Not attractive! They make hundreds of sizes and styles of clothing that can help minimize physical flaws so why draw attention to the least attractive part of your body when you can draw the eye away from it?

  9. Why don’t these people just bring their own ranch with them? It would be cheaper, and they could just stash it in a fat roll or under a boobie. Nobody would be the wiser.

  10. Genetics is a bit of a cop out. I did a research project on the medicalization issues behind obesity and for the most part people accepted the idea that genetics play some part in obesity issues but it is still up to the individual person.

    At my university there was a large portion of overweight people. They took the bus everywhere, ate vending machine food all the time, etc. It made me sad that they were this overweight at such a young age because it only gets harder to lose weight as you age.

    And that much ranch makes me feel sick to my stomach.

  11. Outside of a rare medical condition, you really can’t blame being a “land whale” (LOL) on anything other than a basic equation of excessive input vs too little output. Genetics only account for about 25-40% of our weight. Even with a medical disorder, people TYPICALLY don’t get but so fat (of course you have those with massive tumors, or a thyroid so out of control, they aren’t just marginally overweight, they are massively overweight.)

    Genetics determin who CAN be fat, not who WILL be fat. That being said, you gain all of the fat cells you will ever have by the time you are three years of age. That’s why it is so vitally important to NOT feed toddlers processed, packaged, fattening, calorie-laden CRAP. Once you obtain a certain number of fat cells, they always remain, although it doesn’t mean if you gain weight, you can never lose it, you just will always have the potential to be that fat (or fatter if the cells expand) again.
    (Seriously, I didn’t make this up…all random stuff I leared in some Healthy Psychology classes)

    Granted, I’m a tiny person but these women, just ONE of them, ate more than I eat in a week, possibly two.

    28oz of ranch? Not good for the constitution to read that early in the morning *bleeeech*! Did you seriously type THIRTY ounces of french fries? OMG
    Anyone for charging a fat tax?

  12. That’s, God I can’t put to words how depressing and gross that is. 28 ounces? I eat rach with my pizza, but..christ. it’d take me 3 weeks to go through that much!

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