I am not your damn babysitter!

Tonight, around 7 pm, I had some of a group come in.


9 thoughts on “I am not your damn babysitter!

  1. Where does anyone get the idea that a waiter is a babysitter? Would these same people take the kids to a retail store and leave them with the sales clerk? Of course not. Get a sitter or stay home. Reading this post makes me so thankful that the place where I work only serves a limited selection of domestic beer.

  2. Actually people will try to leave kids with retail clerks. When I worked at a Dept. store we would call security if we couldn’t find parents.

  3. “Would these same people take the kids to a retail store and leave them with the sales clerk? Of course not.”

    Oh HELL YES they would. Yes, yes they would. They have. They do. I used to work retail. I used to work in a HOME IMPROVEMENT store. People would come in, and leave their kids in the garden section, or in the seasonal section, and go off wandering the store to get what they wanted. When confronted, they had the nerve to get offended that we would not watch them, because “that’s what your PAID to do”. No, no, we are NOT paid to watch your snot-nosed little brat, we’re not babysitters, YOU watch your damn kid, or we will KICK YOU AND YOUR KID OUT.

    But these are the same people who will drop their kids at the door of Electronics Boutique, or the Disney Store, or whatever store they can think of, and leave. And be pissy when the kids get thrown out of the store and the parents have to come get them.

    I hate crackhead parents. I really do.

  4. Ribeye,

    I just wanted to say that I googled “mall babysitting” because I was curious if any malls offered babysitting service. FYI there is one in Athens, Greece, maybe your customers should go there!! I was pretty surprised when your blog came up number 7 and the quote was “I am not your fucking babysitter”. As a responsible parent, I don’t think it’s right that severe cursing comes up when I google babysitter. It sounds like alot of your customers are losers. It also sounds like you are an experienced waiter. Get a job where you have a better class of customers, you know, the kind that order a pina colada only when relaxing on the beach at a resort somewhere! If you put all of the energy that you put into your blog into getting a better job, you would be set!! In the meantime, the next time someone tries to order one of the above mentioned drinks, tell them you’re out of it and maybe they’ll leave!! Or maybe you should suggest to your manager that 18% gratuity be automatically added to the checks. I was amused by your blog. It is pathetic that people like that are allowed to walk the earth, let alone reproduce.

  5. you should have called the police and said the kids were abandoned. the parents would’ve loved that–being drunk and irresponsible, and having to explain why minors were unattended.
    if you can afford to go out, you can afford a babysitter. if not, buy a cookbook

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