Special Christmas edition of the Round Table

RoundTable - Service Industry Blog Carnival

This week, since nobody was actually scheduled to host “The Round Table”, I’m doing a Christmas edition. And without further ado:

will work for tips Over at “Will Work for Tips”, it’s proven that I’m not the only server who has to deal with stupidity on a regular basis, and this dirty Bitch would have pushed me over the edge.

well done fillet Inter-Server arguments are the rule at “Well Done Fillet” this week as Manuel deals with an incompetent co-worker while the guests watch…I feel your pain Manuel….I feel your pain…

dont tip the waiter Even we servers need to have a bit of fun sometimes, and if that means stripping down to nothing to pose for a website, then so be it! I just hope those 24 people are getting paid well…I personally could never do it though, I’m just not nudie pic material.

dine in or take out Tony Dine lets us know the various groups of people who don’t tip, and this post about the businessmen nails it right on the head. Just because they have “better” jobs than us doesn’t mean they don’t have to tip! YOU ALL HAVE TO TIP!

el vermino blvd Sometimes taking time off from work lets us see the real beauty of nature, and that frigid beast “snow”. Cameras are fun, and over at El Vermino, so are things that are frozen. Personally, the only frozen things I like are Ice cream and Jello Pudding Pops.

at least call me miss People who say they’re ready to order need to damn well be ready. None of us want to stand there and wait while people sit there browsing! The culprit in question here not only browsed, but had to ask questions about things that weren’t even offered there! Another one that would have pushed me over the edge.

half server half amazing Even the best and most amazing of us have our days, and getting in the weeds because you’re getting blown away is the best way to have a meltdown. At least Amazing had some great backup, most of us don’t even get that.

Finally, here at the RagingServer, I’m realizing that there’s a constant influx in fat people. They eat, and they eat, and they eat more. They drink ranch like it’s a soda, then ask for more. If I ever get as fat as some of my guests, please shoot me.

That’s it for the Christmas edition of “The Round Table”. Next week, Will Work for Tips will be hosting. You can submit your posts there if you want, or it may be randomized. Nobody knows until the host makes the post!



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