To the restaurants that serve flavored lemonade and tea

I really must demand that you stop serving it immediately!


8 thoughts on “To the restaurants that serve flavored lemonade and tea

  1. I had the same problem reversed. When my table ordered “tay” I asked if they wanted sweetened or unsweetened. The woman who ordered behaved as if I wasn’t there (so much for southern manners) and said, “What is the south coming to when a Yankee asks us what kind of tay we want?” and glared at me. When I brought sweet tay over, she got furious. I had no idea what she wanted since I was never told. By the way, I’m not a Yankee – I just speak proper English.

  2. The horrible accents (of your guests) that come through on your blog are getting stuck in my mind, long after I read your entries. Wangs, fanguhs, ovah heah, etc. I enjoy your site, though, so that’s a sacrifice I’ll just have to make. 🙂

  3. Enjoyed the post, thanks…but can someone tell me what silverware soakers are? Do they use the extra water to clean their silverware before using it? Or do they dunk it after using it (gross)?

  4. Jenny- I’ll be serving a table and someone will say fanguhs or tay or something and it makes my day because i think of certain blogs that made me laugh.. it helps me make it through! word.

    CB serves rasp. tea/lemonade and I’d LOVE it if they got rid of it. It’s messy and takes extra time..That and hot tea too.

    I feel your pain on the sweet/unsweet issue.. i have guests all the time look at me like i’m stupid when i ask which “iced tea” they’d like..sweet or un..and they always say, “ICED tea.” I respond with, yes i know, but it can come two different ways! ugh.

  5. Mallo I work at CB too and HATE when people order hot tea. It’s a pain in the ass. I don’t mind raspberry tea so much.

  6. You silly Ribeye :p flavoured lemonade here is everywhere. All you gotta do is have the cordial there and put a little bit in with the lemonade. Of course when I say lemonade I mean like Sprite.

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