I’m not working holidays in 2008!

I’m mainly speaking about Christmas Day.


9 thoughts on “I’m not working holidays in 2008!

  1. I would so hug you right now. I have never in my life worked so hard for a buck. I’m a ‘hostess’ at Dennys, the ONLY food place open on Christmas in my area. I’m new at this, 3 weeks, and OMG. Thank you for your blog..let’s me know I’m not the only one about ready to walk out the door and never come back. Hostess means “less than human, please dump on me, and not worthy of having any respect from staff.” The customers are great actually, it’s the staff that’s pissing me off. Yesterday was running in circles, (yes thru hotflashes), greeting people, seating them, taking names for parties larger than 3, helping bus tables, setting tables, getting coffee, making coffee, running the register. Around 2:30ish, it’s slowing down..I’ve done 7 hours w/ no break, wanting a cig like a crack ho needing a fix. I go to seat a family of 6 in the back, they kinda chit chat with me..I admit I talked with them for just a couple mins, how are you, etc….I walk back up to the front, it’s cool, no customers waiting, Manager says..I NEED YOU TO STAY UP HERE BY THE DOOR. Uh, fuck me..I not say anything, cuz the words I was thinking on would get me fired. Later I told him, the reason I wasn’t up by the door was because I WAS SEATING PEOPLE. WTF??? I would gladly stand by the door ALL FREAKING DAY and just hand people menus and say GO FIND YOUR OWN DAMN TABLE…I was sooo tired and exhausted, but was still trying to be nice and cheerful to the customers, not their fault I have to work. Oh, there were many things I could go on about from yesterday, but this one really is riding my last nerve. I did get 15.00 in tips tho, one very nice lady gave me 10.00 for seating them and being nice, and I got $5.00 on a take out order I prepared. Oh, ya, my other job is taking and making up all take out orders. I’ll admit I was kinda bummed, cuz I saw the tips the servers were making..they made BANK yesterday. I stopped and bought 3 packs of cigs on the way home with all my tippage 🙂 Oh, and THEN came home and cooked xmas dinner for my family at 3:30…Bless all you people in the food industry, I had NO IDEA.

  2. I had a walk out last night as well!!! Glad to hear I am not the only one with fuckwit customers on Christmas. I really thought it was something I did.

    Love your blog, Ribeye, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Hugs Ribeye. If I’m ever in your restaurant, I’ll ask for you. I’ll be a polite and high tipping customer to make up for the entitled beyotches.

    Happy New Year to you

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  5. Sorry about the bronchitus. I probably contributed to that. Mama said she thinks she’s getting it too. I would say I can’t believe that people act like that to you, especially on Christmas. But that would be a lie. I almost expect it these days. Fuck people. The good for nothing pricks that come into restaraunts are the reason I feel that way.

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