Another Coming Soon

Well, with the new year coming, there’s also some new ideas in the works here at

The Horror Story submission page, and Horror Story section that I’ve talked about before is up, as the RagingPartner has just finished it. These stories will be credited to the person who wrote them. I won’t necessarily post your e-mail if you don’t want me to, but I will if you don’t tell me not to.

Also, I’m considering guest posters. This is one I’ve been thinking of for a while now, but I’m not sure exactly how I’ll work it out. If you have suggestions on this topic, let me know.

RoundTable, as always, is going to be moving along further, and if you want to be included in the future, give us post submissions for it.

The RagingPartner has also found a new place for the t-shirts, not sure if it’s going to have other products there too, but I haven’t got that set up yet.

I think that’s it for now….

Let’s all pray for the Raging T-Bird….she’s not doing so well as you all know….

And let’s all go vote for me at the BlogTopList, the link is on the sidebar….and here’s a couple more.

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5 thoughts on “Another Coming Soon

  1. I am doing a healing dance for the raging T-bird! Well, not really, I have no rhythm, but I am keeping it in my thoughts!

  2. A comment on your most recent poll…why is only romance designated as “trashy”? I’m a big romance reader (and editor, actually), but it would be nice not to have to call my favorite genre trash, especially when fans of SF/horror/mystery/what-have-you don’t.

    Sorry to nitpick–I really enjoy the blog; just got my feelings a little hurt on this one.

  3. crinklish,
    I love sci fi/horror/mystery and some of the are trashy…but not usually just this side of porn as SOME(not all)romance novels are.

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