Why do people do sexual things in restaurants?

Over the years, working in various restaurants, and yes, even eating in various restaurants, I’ve seen some not so savory things.


10 thoughts on “Why do people do sexual things in restaurants?

  1. I dont get it either.
    The scene in NightWatch inspired them, perhaps?
    I dont know.
    To be honest, if I saw two people doing something like that whilst I was just trying to enjoy a very rare evening out, I’d be so embarassed I’d just want to leave. Or, go over to their table and say “HEY As you’re doing that in public, mind if I film it then sell it on the internet?”

  2. Oh man! I am soooooooooooo glad that I worked in a seriously upscale restaurant attached to a gourmet store! The worst I ever had to contend with was the local Porn Star, (Yes, she had movies and everything!), coming to either dine or shop in little more than her “professional wardrobe”. One day an old man fell off his chair when she walked by! I laughed my ass off!

  3. ..”and make sweet sweet love against the produce.”
    -just thinking of those veggies in our cooler and how much action they’ve seen!

    ..and i think it’s probably something in the water.

  4. Hahhaha!
    I hear you, brother. After working in the industry for about seven years, I have also seen (and took part in) some “restaurant love.” Although my own indiscretions took part after hours, and therefore not really as public as those who let lust overcome them at the table… I have to say that the best was probably behind the bar. Mmm.

    This post reminds me of the part in Anthony Bourdain’s book “Kitchen Confidential” where he talks about the “humping in the dry storage area.” Classic.


  5. It is completely disgusting. I am not even comfortable with heavy kissing in public- much less anything more than that. Get a motel room or go home already.

  6. I think I’m not the first to think: “PIX PLZ”

    I enjoy the unsavory. As long as it’s not in a restaurant I’m eating at. Unless, I guess, it’s an unsavory-themed restaurant?

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