That booth is made for FOUR people not FOURTEEN!

As you all know, I work in an area that is a first come first serve area table-wise.


8 thoughts on “That booth is made for FOUR people not FOURTEEN!

  1. Take your vacation now! You need it. I think most people who work in restaurant/retail need a month off after the Christmas season.

    Here’s hoping you get really big tips over the New Years Ribeye.

  2. I’ve heard of the “double cooked” thing before. At a place I used to work, we used to have these two ghetto mf’ers who would come in, spend at least two hours running people ragged every 10mins for refills and always ordered “doubah cooked wangs”. They would send them back at least four times, saying either they weren’t hot enough or weren’t cooked enough. Dumb fuckers, we put the shit in the microwave & those “wangs” might as well have been rubber by the time we were through. That’s how the liked it, though. (Even though they thought the cook was cooking them more each time.) They *ALWAYS* had a tab that came to $19.99 and always left a .01 tip. After about four or five visits, no one would wait on them and complaining to the manager only resulted in them being told not to come back. They didn’t. 🙂

  3. After seeing the CNN story about the guy in Knoxville who refused to pay his tab, then when he was asked to leave, pulls out a gun and shoots up the restaurant killing 1 and wounding 2, I say take that vacation. Your safety and sanity are begging for it. Besides, most people get even crappier in January cause the credit card bills from Christmas have rolled in.

  4. Try having big booths that the hostess crams lots of people in, as I had happen today. Ugh! Even worse was that two tables of eight, in a booth for six, stayed for three hours each! It got to the point that I said with a smile, as I cleaned their dishes off the table, that I hated how other tables were paying and staying because it cost me money. They didn’t taking the freaking clue. AHHHHH!!!! Sadly my vacation will come after I go back to school during what should have been my vacation. Remind me why we put ourselves through this?

  5. I still cringe at the ranch phenomenon. I just don’t understand how people ingest so freaking much of it. Working at a wings joint made me learn to hate blue cheese and ranch with a passion. I feel your pain.

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