Spineless Managers and the Discount Epidemic

Lobsterboy at Red Lobster Blog has a post up that got me thinking.


13 thoughts on “Spineless Managers and the Discount Epidemic

  1. Actually you’re wrong. Michael Moore will never make “Discount Nation”. He will never show the public what they really are. If he does make “Discount Nation”, it will to show how restaurants are ripping off poor people by NOT giving them discounts and making rich people (read: gainfully employed people not on welfare) pay more because they can afford it.

    You, my dear Ribeye, will be portrayed as the villian, trying to steal ghetto and redneck trash’s welfare check. Your spineless manager will be portrayed as a hero of the working class.

    Shame on you, Ribeye, for exploiting the poor like that! When people ask for a discount, it’s because The Man who runs the restaurant is exploiting them and they are asking for fair compensation.

    (The above was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

  2. We do give a police/fireman’s discount of 10% and they tip well. No one else gets one and the old folks bitch the most. They usually wait until they get the bill to ask, then get really huffy about not getting a discount and proceed to take it out on the server’s tip, stating, “Well, I would have tipped you more but I don’t have enought left since you don’t give a discount.” I chalk this up to their not wanting to tip properly because if a discount meant that much to them they’d ask before they were seated. I have never heard of a traveler’s discount. I have worked in tourist destinations for many years and believe me, they are the last ones who should get a discount as they probably won’t ever be back to eat at the restaurant.

  3. I have to disagree but only a tiny bit. I much rather have someone asking if they get a discount than to have someone run me ragged for ranch dressing and eating over 3/4 of a meal before complaining and wanting it taken off the bill.

    Now that drove me batty.

  4. The people who ask for and get the discounts usually have no conscience. And the restaurant rewards them, so why wouldn’t they come back and pull the same shit again, or go somewhere else and do it? The world is full of spineless managers who encourage this type of behavior, and the ghetto trash all probably share their stories with each other of where to go to get free shit.

    I’ve heard of some and seen some crazy shit in my time. One time this woman who was sitting with a group said she didn’t want anything to eat when the server came around and took orders, but when the food was dropped, she asked “where’s my plate?” And the fucking manager actually comped a meal for her! WHAT THE HELL. (that’s the short version, of course).

    Unfortunately, it’s the same in a lot of retail places. I remember BBCAmerican talking about the spinless managers over at the House of Wal.

    Loser customers know to call for the manager, because they will often override the customer service person (who knows their job and knows the rules) and/or the register, and then the customer throws the cs person some smartass line or gives them a shitty look. Time and time they are rewarded for their behavior, so like Paavlov’s dogs, or little kids, they’ll just keep repeating it.

  5. There’s like, one manager at my job that actually does things right. The rest will not back us up and let the guests say and do what ever they want and treat us however they want. There’s one guy that has basically sexually harrasses me and another female server and when we mentioned it to a manager, she said if it happened again, they would kick him out. It happened the next day to another female server, and when a manager was told, he did nothing. My guess is that it’s becasue he’s a regular. Personally, I could care less. We female servers shouldn’t have to put up with being treated like that from guests. But our managers would rather keep them happy at the expense of their servers. I don’t expect this to change any time soon.

  6. Ribeye,

    You make a great point here. I used to work for red lobster and every manager I used to work for was a serious pain in the ass when it came to guest satisfaction. Management always tries to play good cop bad cop. We of course play the “bad cop” role although we are just following the rules. Corporate restaurants weigh so much of their success on those stupid surveys. One bad comment is looked upon as a travesty and all hell breaks lose if upper management sees it. It’s only one damn guest out of 1,000’s. Who knows if they were a pain in the ass for every restaurant in town. A good manager doesn’t pull the “good cop bad cop” bullshit and stands their ground!

  7. Sadly, customers have learned that they can complain and get things for free. I am convinced that some people are professionals at this and go into a restaurant fully intending not to pay. For instance, just this week, I had a table complain to the manager and get their $100 bill for free! They knew upfront what they were doing, because it is uncommon where I work to have a tab this high.

  8. You know Ribeye, I am entitled to the senior citizen discount at a few places. I don’t take it. I can afford to pay full price.

  9. That reminds me of this movie I had watched a while ago, (the name escapes me), where these two well dressed gentlemen are seated in an upscale restaurant discussing a bank heist or something, all the while enjoying steaks, salads, wine, etc. At tghe end of their meal the first guy goes to pull out his wallet and the second guy says “No, no. I have this.” as if to pay the bill himself. He reaches up and pulls a tooth out of his mouth and drops it in his salad plate and starts yelling “Oh my GOD! There is a human tooth in my food!” and promptly gets his and his friend’s meal for free. I laughed my ass off at it, but the crack whores and redneck trash you describe may actually try it some day. Watch out! 🙂

  10. ^^^^^^^^ LMAO You just made my day, Raulb! Hell, we get entitlement junkies at the library, too! I’ve had people return books/DVDs/CDs damaged and then try to get out of paying for it by saying either they never read/viewed/listened to it or that they did and it sucked, so they shouldn’t have to pay for the item THEY damaged. F’ing unbelievable!

  11. I agree with Gary… it’s also a conscience thing. I would be too embarrassed to ask for a discount for no reason. I make complaints when they’re legit and let the manager decide what to do about it. I also pull managers aside and let them know what a kickass job their servers are doing, in addition to a great (monetary) tip.

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