When you clean, you find money!

People always look at me crazy when I’m pulling out the booth seats and sweeping behind them.


11 thoughts on “When you clean, you find money!

  1. That’s what I can do the next time it’s slow as hell and I’m bored, I’ll pull out the cushions on the sofa and chairs in the soft sections and see what can be found. I just hope my luck runs like yours and I find a bit of moolah in there with the popcorn and whatever the hell else.

  2. Lucky you! All I ever find is the odd missed dime or nickel by the photocopy machines, although once I did get lucky and found a quarter!!

  3. I had a managet that used to tape cash under cushions and around the lights and stuff- it could be a buck, it could be a twenty- and would always ask the server in that section if they cleaned their section throughly. If they did, of course they got to keep the suprise. If they did not, then of course he would tell them they missed out, and still had to go re-do it before they left. Bribery works! Too bad more people don’t clean, booths get NASTY!

  4. I was pretending to be blind while walking with my parents in a parking lot when I was ohh, 3 or 4. Wanna know what happened? I smacked into a sideview mirror on a car and had to get 5 stitches in my lip.

    I wish the child in your restaurant could suffer a similar fate. Just because I hate all customers right now.

  5. I once found a hundred dollar bill whilst cleaning the women’s bathroom during closing time at my restaurant. Note to lazy servers: Keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll reap in all the lost loot!

  6. I occasionally find money when cleaning up after lazy servers at the end of the night. Not much…most of the ones I work with can spot a nickle across the dining room, but are incapable of pre-bussing. Every now and again, though, I’ll find a couple bucks under a table or some such.

  7. I once THOUGHT I had found a hundred at work. Was some stupid religious tract made to look like money. I hate when people leave that shit at work.

  8. When I worked at Crapplebee’s I was about the only one who did do my section, top to bottom. I found money… $100 bills, $20’s, cash in all forms!, brand new digital camera, and a whole bunch of drugs that I would sell to the kitchen or other wait staff that equaled more money! And was just doing my job! Imagine that!

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