I don’t work for free, bastards!

Working in a cocktailing area can be a bitch sometimes.


14 thoughts on “I don’t work for free, bastards!

  1. Ribeye I don’t like to cocktail either. We have music nights on Wed and Friday. I hold my breath everytime when I look at the section sheet to see if I have any lounge tables. We get ghetto trash with this one singer Tanya Drayden and the Extremities. I frelling hate them! She was on Star Search and they think she is a star. Yeah she can sing but they DON”T tip! And we add 50 cents to each ticket just to get a tip! In fact I found out she was coming again on Feb 1st and I already requested off!LOL I always say I am a fine dining server not a cocktail waitress!!! Peace out friend! Love your posts!

  2. good for you.you are lucky you can get away with that my boss dont care if we make money as long as he does i could never get away with ignoring nontipping jerks but you can bet they only get the bare mim. of srevice and borderline rude service at that ps did you get your car fixed?

  3. Oh my God. Frostee? Seriously? Did his Mom stop at Wendy’s before heading to the hospital? He’s lucky she didn’t name him “Hot N’ Juicy.”

  4. notwithstanding their sad names, it’s your job to serve them drinks and get them to pay for them. you’re getting paid [poorly] to do that. They don’t need to tip you to be served. you agreed to this when you took the job.
    on more than one occasion i’ve served people who paid cash/credit with no tip on the first round but who tipped well on subsequent rounds [yes, quite possibly because their friends were now with them]
    While experience on the first round may suggest they’re not worth dealing with you can’t assume that. ignoring customers gets you no tips, and fired if you do it too often. which, where i’ve worked, would be once or twice, max.

  5. I’ve worked at nightclubs and corporate restaurants. At the restaurant you wouldn’t be able to get away with that. At the clubs you can either ignore them til they leave you alone, or just wave over a security guy and they’re out if they act the least bit rude to an employee.

  6. ribeye, would you do a post on how you personally handle the increasingly popular tipjars that have sprung up at establishments such as coffee houses, smoothie squirters, and wrap joints? i assume the (yes, hardworking) employees of these places make at least minimum wage, and therefor i am less inclined to tip them as i would someone like you. yet i’m still confronted with low-tip/no-tip guilt as they hand me a coffee. any opinion?

  7. Server_drinker, I have to sadly disagree.

    In the establishment where Ribeye works, I have an odd feeling these gentlemen were not at one of Ribeye’s tables. These gentlemen could just as easily go to the bar and not tip the bartender.

    Not tipping on liquor drinks actually COSTS the server money, because they have to tip a portion of those sells to the bartenders. It’s not a matter of not making money: it’s a matter of actually losing money. So if they wanna not tip when they can go to the bar. Fuck ’em. $2.13 an hour is not worth abuse, in any job.

  8. I wish that I could ignore the bad tipping/rude regulars who frequent our establishment. They are all “friends” of the owner yet they bitch about how cheap SHE is when she isn’t there! Nothing can ruin a shift faster than seeing a table of them in your section.

  9. RagingServer and Jimmy-James are wrong. Your job is a server, which means you need to SERVE the guest when they come in. A server provides a service to the guest, and, sometimes, you get paid less than what you are worth to serve. However, sometimes you get paid more than you are worth when you serve. It all evens out in the end.

    Although it is upsetting when you get stiffed by a guest, you should not bitch and moan because someday a guest is going to come in and get mediocre service from you and then tip far more than what you deserved.

  10. Kirk: I’m sorry, but when I rely on my tips to pay my bills, I will NOT continue to serve a guest that deliberately stiffs me. I served them two rounds and I got nothing for it. Not only did I serve them two rounds I did it politely and with a genuine smile on my face. I was in a good mood when I served them, and I didn’t deserve to be stiffed by some ghetto trash that wanted some Grey Goose. Therefore, I told them “I don’t work for free.” Truth, I don’t work for free.

  11. I understand that it is frustrating to server someone who isn’t tipping or is just sitting in your section taking up space, but technically, you are getting paid (not much mind you) to be a server and sometimes, it means not getting paid much. Servers provide a service to guests. Sometimes those guests are appreciative and sometimes not. But, bottom line is, you need to serve them regardless. I am on your side- I hate getting stiffed. But, I am also professional enough to understand that it is my job to take care of the guest, regardless of the tip.

  12. Kirk, obviously you fail to grasp the idea that stiffing doesn’t just mean the server doesn’t get tipped. It also means the server actually has to PAY money for the transaction, due to tipsharing policies.

    You are right, you are there to work as a server. This does not mean as a slave or as someone who is paying for any portion of anyone’s meal. When a person stiffs a server, that person is actually STEALING money from the server. As such they should be denied service, due to an inability to understand social norms.

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