Change is good, just not all at once.

So my new GM is making a few changes at my job.


One thought on “Change is good, just not all at once.

  1. After reading all of your posts, I have to say: Look for a new place to do what you do.

    I’ve worked a lot of restaurants, and I’ve worked a few that sound like yours, but I have also worked some that were not like yours.

    From what you’ve written, it sounds like you are in a reasonably sized town, and I’m guessing there’s a place there that would treat you better than your corporate bowling alley.

    When I worked in Annapolis, MD, there was huge turnover amongst about half of the staff at any restaurant that I worked in. As near as I can tell, about half the people that I worked with liked where they were, and the other half were still looking for a restaurant that suited them.

    When someone quit, I could walk a few doors down, and find them happily serving people at another restaurant.

    So, walk. See what the store down the street does for you.

    I know your posts here are for entertainment, but I

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