Touch Screen Bullshit!

I’ve been hearing about these new “TouchScreen” restaurants lately, and I figured it was finally about time I put in my two cents.

Touchscreen restaurants are supposedly going to “Revolutionize Dining”.


20 thoughts on “Touch Screen Bullshit!

  1. In fast food, people don’t make anywhere close to a “decent wage” (minimum wage or slightly above is not a sustainable income) and the work is extremely hard and thankless, more so than even waiting tables (I’ve worked both ends in high school, college, and in-between other jobs). It is back-breaking work and the employees are treated as dumber and lower-class than those who wait tables.

  2. They have something like this in a gas station sandwich shop in Carlisle, PA. I couldn’t care less but a lot of people love any high tech gimmick. Then again, it’s sandwiches and it would never cross my mind to tip a sandwich maker even if they put a jar out.

    From the article: “Amanda Rosengarten deemed it

  3. Takes away from the whole experience. I wouldn’t want a touchscreen at my table to order from. Is a robot going to walk you to your table as well, and another robot gonna be in the back cooking your food? Where does it end?

  4. That is just insane.

    Part of what makes going out to eat so enjoyable is having a person come to your table. I like having someone recommend a new menu item or a drink they think I will like. I like chatting with my server (usually the same few everywhere I go). I love that they know what table I will want to sit at, what I will want to eat and that I will most likely want dessert.

    I would much rather pay a tip to have a real live person rather than an impersonal touchscreen

  5. There’s already sit-down restuarants, where you don’t have to deal with a server to get your food … Picadilly’s, Luby’s, Morrison’s … all of those cafeteria style restuarants. They are all slowly dying, too: people want to be served. WHen my wife and I escape from the children, and treat ourselves to a date night, we go to a fine dining place, play with the servers, and tip them properly, to be treated like we are … guests at a fine dining restuarant.

    Then again, look at all these ghetto folks. They want to be served, too. I don’t think this reviewer appreciates the attraction of actually being served. Now, if you could issue shock collars for some of the guests …

  6. For the record, the Wawa touchscreens were needed. I am not in any way implying that the people who make those sandwiches, soups, or breakfast options are lazy or inable to understand how to take an order. I am saying that at busy times the touch screens helps because you don’t have one person holding up the line making special requests (like a little bit of mayo, no onions, sweet peppers etc.) when they can instead chose all of those options from the touch screen. The people who are making the food are much more productive with their time when they are just making orders.

    Would I want this in a sit down resturant? Last night I did, when my server and his manager got an order with one appetizer and two entrees wrong three different times. Not just forgetting a side that I switched, but completely wrong app and then twice the wrong entree for my boyfriend. Then didn’t even comp anything off, just asked us if we wanted refills on our sodas while we waited. But that was the server not the resturant.

  7. Well, most customers I serve are probably too old to figure out how to use a touchscreen. Most of them are too self-important to even serve themselves in that way. And I’m sure more than a few customers get off by being a self righteous jackass to their servers.
    Plus, if the food comes out wrong (I assume real people will still be cooking, and not robots?) who will they bitch and moan to?

  8. I think you’ve been had, my friend.

    At any kind of reasonable restaurant, this will _never_ take hold, or take over.

    I like a lot of your rants, but I think this one was a response to a non-issue.

  9. I wouldn’t worry too much. There are so many factors to consider that would make something like this way too far-fetched for most places, a few of which have been mentioned above. Add in the capital cost of training on the equipment, installing it and maintaining it, and you have something that most places won’t even want to try to afford. Why bother when you can pay a server $2.13 an hour? Yes, it’s a garbage technology, and a symptom of a tech society moving even further from personal contact, but it’s not one I could imagine sticking around. Hell, I’ve worked in bars and restaurants for years and had never even heard of this garbage before.

  10. It’s not like this has any chance of taking over the industry. Think about it. Did Chuck E Cheese take over the restaurant business with their initial concept? ‘Nuff said.

  11. I think you missed the sarcasm in the original author’s piece. He italicizes “ads” like it’s a good thing. That’s sarcasm.

  12. I think you missed something here – Del Signore was reviewing the touchscreens, he did not invent them. He was being facetious in his commentary.

    Case in point “What would be even cooler would be to attach electronic collars to the staff that could generate a mild electric shock when assistance was needed.” He’s making fun of the technology, not promoting it.

  13. Sorry Rib but the whole thing was a sarcastic stab at how stupid touchscreen dining is.

    Really if they took away servers, who would the worthless reviewers of the Gothamist have to complain about?

    Recommendation: Don’t read the Gothamist.

  14. Touchscreen service is a crazy idea, if I wanted to press some buttons to get my food I’d have a microwave meal. Quality of food and quality of service is why people continue to go to restaurants, and the way servers treat customers plays a large part in deciding if you want to go back somewhere or if you’ll never go back again.

  15. I wouldn’t mind using a touchscreen to order if I know my server/food runner is getting paid a proper salary..

    Europe has it right..

    Tipping is stupid..

    I’m a bartender, so please don’t flame me.. I understand how we make our money..

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