The RagingSister has been robbed

My sister and one of our friends decided to come see me at work tonight, play some games and have a couple of drinks. I was happy, because I like it when my sister comes to see me at work. They were out playing games, after their food and drink. While she was playing a game, some dark blond head (maybe very light brown head) trashy slut whore crack head bitch walked by and casually grabbed her Dooney and Burke (sp) purse that she got for Christmas. This purse has her check book, check card, license, pictures and her fucking insulin.

Before the cards were canceled, this fucking bitch had already used at least 50 bucks at the gas station, and I hope she used it outside else some clerks are gonna get it, it has her picture on the card. She also used it at a Kroger, and some other place.

I sent a text to RagingSisters phone to see if thieving bitch would reply. It was from a friends phone. It said “My sisters insulin was in the purse you stole, and she needs it very bad. Please bring back the fucking purse.” The response? “We’ll bring it back for the PIN number.”

Police report has been filed and tomorrow we’re going after video. I’m gonna find this bitch and my sister, the black belt that she is, is going to end up in jail when she beats the piss out of the bitch.

If anyone in the Nashville (Donelson, Hermitage, Madison, Rivergate) area sees a dark blond/light brown haired female, kind of skinny, ghetto, white, carrying a dark blue DnB purse with D&B printed all over it in tan lettering, contact me at


18 thoughts on “The RagingSister has been robbed

  1. (real name edited out for privacy purposes).
    my purse got stolen from my car last week while i was at work!!!!! someone broke my window and took my purse that was covered with a jacket in my floor.
    i was sooooo mad.
    i miss you and i know exactly how you’re feeling.
    i hope you are doing well.


  2. If your sister read this blog she’d know what a risk she was taking by leaving her purse unattended. The customers you describe in your posts are exactly the kind of people who would steal things at any opportunity, and, let’s face it, a bowling alley restaurant with a game arcade is not “fine dining”. Even at a classy establishment it would be wise to keep an eye on your valuables. I hate to say it, but she was asking for it.

    Where I work, sometimes people will ask “is it all right if I leave my purse here?”. I tell them it all depends on if they want to see it again.

  3. Freakin’ crack headed ho’s are all alike. I know I’d end up in jail too if I saw the person who took my valuables. Hell, someone stloe my mountian bike right before Christmas and I was so angry I could’ve snapped a steel bar in my teeth! I keep a look out for it too, just in case I need to beat the shit outta whoever took it. Your sis has great taste in hand bags, though. My fave is Dooney & Bourke as well!

  4. She’s probably sadly thrown the purse out, or given it away. Hopefully the insulin can be replaced ASAP. Also, she will try to steal in the same place again, trash like that are creatures of habit. I hope the police are agressive about this, that thief was pretty bold to text back. DId she not realize that her number could possibly be traced back to her? HMMMMM….

  5. I’ve been reading for a while without saying anything, but that’s just so evil I had to delurk to give my sympathies to your sister.

    I had the same thing happen to me as becca, smashed window, purse on the floor with a jacket over it. I couldn’t take it in with me to the restaurant where I was working at the time, and had no trunk (pickup truck) Luckily, I did take my wallet out and lock that in the glove box, so all the thief got was $3 in change and a broken cell phone. But it cost me $300 to replace the window.

    It’s so frustrating to have your stuff stolen, and I hope your sister gets all of hers back safely. If she calls the card companies, they may remove the charges, especially if you’re really nice to them.

  6. I was not ASKING for it because I didn’t have my hand on it. It was right next to me & the bitch apparently knew what she was doing. Yes I learned a lesson from this bitch, but I was in no way asking to have MY STUFF taken from me. I do not need your judgement. This blog was to maybe help find the bitch, not for people to criticize & judge.

  7. That’s terrible, I hope something gets sorted out, but she’ll probably never see it again. Even if you are careful things can get stolen from right under your nose, my mum had her bag hung over the back of the chair and someone swiped it while she was sat eating her meal!

  8. i feel sorry for your sister. i always keep my purse on my lap or wrapped around my foot on the floor also ladies when you go to the restroom keep your purse on your sholder or lap yes its not easy to do but i have heard of people grabbing purses off the floor under the stall doors as you sit on the tolit. beaware of your purse cause people are always scoping things out

  9. I was told that it’s gonna take almost a week for a detective to even be assigned to the case. I know she’s on the cameras at Krogers, but only the police can get those. Like they’re really gonna do that. That’s my only hope of even coming close to finding her dumb, skanky ass.

  10. God, people suck. I had my purse stolen at a bar once — set it on the bar, saddled up, turned around for a split second and it was gone. Credit cards and everything else… what a headache. At least you were able to cancel everything before she did too much damage — I can’t believe she had the balls to text back. Fucking white trash. Well, hopefully you can find solace in that she’ll probably die within the next five, six years when her trailer blows up in a meth operation gone bad.

  11. She used a total of about $355 of my money. One of those was made at a liquor store. I’m taking them down cause that means they didn’t ID her. If they had, she wouldn’t have used MY stolen credit card. Someone is gonna pay, one way or the other. If that means the liquor store, then so be it.

  12. Not returning a nickel to a guest is NOTHING like stealing an expensive designer purse with expensive shit in it & & using someone else’s cards. Servers are not required to carry that kind of changee on them & that’s not stealing. Besides, with people like you, that nickel may be the only tip he even gets.

  13. Why did you decide to start your rants again? Did you not learn the 1st time around that you’re a nut & that, once again, you haven’t said anything new or worth listening to? You know nothing. If you really think that the law would consider that stealing when it’s a penny, then you’re even more crazy than I thought. You would be laughed at. You do NOT know Ribeye, so give up your insane assumptions & judgements based off of shit you made up & are not a part of. You can’t possibly know anything about his serving abilities from reading blogs alone. & if you could, then you would still see how great he is. & he has every right to be pissed at a theiving skank that not only stole a designer purse & USED the cards inside, she also got medications needed to continue living. & knowing this, she still withheld it. The contents of that purse are something to cry theft over, not your CHANGE at dinner.

  14. Ribeye, me & mama went to the liquor store like I told you & the manager REFUSED to let us see the cameras. He could have but wouldn’t. I’m gonna have to see what detective they assigned to the case & have him do it. All I want is a fucking picture of this bitch to post. I was so pissed. Mama said as we were leaving that SOMEONE is getting in trouble for not carding then.

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