Sorority Girls…aka…sorostitutes..are evil

Let me preface this by saying: I fucking hate serving ditzy assed females. I hate serving ditzy assed bitchy females. I hate serving ditzy assed bitchy young females.
EDIT: I’d also like to add: I know that not all sorority girls are like the ones I will describe here.


8 thoughts on “Sorority Girls…aka…sorostitutes..are evil

  1. I have never gotten the high pitched squeal of a pack of rabidly decorating soroity girls out of my head. I joined a musicl service soroity in college and we were nothing like these women. We would raise money for our charity by having car washes and bake sales, they would have “mixers” and “woodsers” and parties with slutty fraternities. I felt good about my choice of Service vs. Social. Your hearing should return in about a week. Mine always did.

  2. I’ll be honest and admit I am, on occasion, a lousy tipper. However, I’ll also be honest and admit that I am very, very math deficient. I try to always tip at least 15% but due to my poor math skills it may not be that much. (yes, I can usually take 10% of a bill, but taking the 5% messes me up big time sometimes, and adding the two amounts together then adding them to the bill….OY!!!) If the waiter/tress has been fantastic, I’ll go to 20% with no fuss…I can usually manage to add that. But that’s one reason I like to go out to eat with friends/family who can look at the bill and tell me what to tip.
    So, RagingServer, if I ever make it to your area and visit your place, will you please tell me what the tip amount should be if I’m alone? Thanks.

  3. Dawn,
    Round up to the next 5, move the decimal over, divide by two, add that to the original number, and you’ve got close enough to 15% and it’s not too hard on the math skills.

    Double the number and round up, and that’s my minimum tip.

  4. I can assure you, Ribeye, that they grow up. Some improve, some don’t.

    I like to think I improved.

    Auntie EM…Sorority alumnui.

  5. The only proper response to sorority girls ordering “Shirley Temples” or “Kiddie Cocktails” is as follows:

    “Sure, no problem. But you do know that they have like 300 calories each, right?”

    That should stop the orders right there.

  6. I’m part of a Kappa ____ ____, but we have a chapter policy of 18% at least (barring truly bad service, at least). I thought it was a sorority wide rule, but I guess it’s not. It really should be.

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