How low can ya go…GHET–TO!!

I worked a double today for my first day back to work after vacation.


17 thoughts on “How low can ya go…GHET–TO!!

  1. I adore your blog – just discovered it. Being bored last night led me to read your archives and I was introduced to Ms. Spring1. If she wasn’t such a mean spirited cow it *might* be funny. Of note is that, although she calls you a thief over a penny, it’s perfectly fine when the restaurant *forgets* to add an item she had to her bill. Servers are thieves. She merely got a good deal. Riiiiight.

    Her blog contains diatribes against all servers, bartenders, and God forbid, people who drive. I can’t imagine who married this harridan.

    Your blog is wonderful, funny, sad at times – I feel like I’m right there with you. I spent my early years in the weeds, have my own war stories, but I’ve never been treated as badly as you are. I don’t know how you can do it, and my hat off to you.


  2. I love me some Ribeye! Dude I could never do your job. I am too outspoken! LOL Can’t wait to see the pics of the theif! Too bad I am in PA. Love the bitch out to Spring1 as well. Yo bitch don’t fuk with the Ribeye! Peace my friend!

  3. Sorry I just had to come back. I went to Spring1’s
    blog(s). Oh if she is for real…she’s cookoo! I think she also has a condiment fetish. I think her husband is a whipped man. I think they never eat out with anyone else. Wow she has way toooo much time on her hands. I think the servers know how she is and do things to irriate her on purpose,. I know I do it all the time! It’s fun yet that little old lady keeps coming back. LOL She likes HOT soup and I serve it BOILING on purpose. Microwave 4 mins and you’ll scold your tongue. (ok back to the comments) Ribeye she went through your comments with a fine tooth comb. Cookoo Cookoo! Who has that much free time?

  4. Springs is such an idiotic bitch. Can’t you just block her from commenting now that we all know she doesn’t have anything worthwhile to say?

  5. I commend you for defending your sister like you’re doing. I would do the same exact thing for one of my family members. And what SPRINGS needs to realize is that it just wasn’t money and cards in her purse…she had insulin in there, too, which means she’s a diabetic. Without her insulin, she can go into diabetic shock, or worse, a coma. So you better believe I am behind you one hundred percent. I wouldn’t waste any more time and attention on that fat bitch Springs. She is obviously crazier than shit. Keep on writing!

  6. I just went and read through Springs1 blog and comments. She reminds me exactly of Kathy Bates in the movie Misery. What a lunatic


  8. You’re a better person than I would be. Goodness…4 children abandoned by their mother in a restaurant? I would have called the cops, or your local Department for Youth Services for their protection from the evil servers. (blinks innocent eyes).

  9. Just wanted to say….my husband delivers pizza for Papa Johns and the drivers don’t even carry coin change. Atleast he can get some money when someone decides to stiff him!!! Keep up the good work, Ribeye!!!!

  10. Dude you need to write a book ! All of this stuff I remember my own experiences through your posts over and over…all the baby mommas and their ghetto dramas and their boy toy pimps…..That work place made me racist as hell…it’s gotten to a point when I would see more braids and long ass nails and big fat asses with about 9 little welfare bratss in tow …and I wanted to scream! Always on the 1st of the month too…you know she got her check in the mail so it’s time to “treat” themselves to a fine “dining”…I am so happy I do not work there any more, this time around I got smart and actually scouted the places before I applied…and lo and behold I have been at this new place for a while and have yet to wait on a black table period let alone all the ghetto thrash that I “had” to deal with!

  11. When are you going to write a book? I am so hooked on this page and I need new blogs….My “new” job is going ok..the other day i had a beer delivery black dude asking me about our Kamikaze Hot wings…are they really that hot where you have to sign a waiver? Yes they are…damn..later I thought about it and figured…Great, now he is going to bring his whole fricking family in and once again I will have to deal with Fuckishia, Dickishia and baby Henneshia….So far so good no ghetto in sight but who knows?I don’t want to get the blame for getting this place ghetto infested!

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