Whiny bitchez make me angry

Here lately at my job, I’m noticing an increasing trend on the day shift.


55 thoughts on “Whiny bitchez make me angry

  1. Mary
    “if he ACCIDENTALLY hands you $10 extra & you keep it, YOU are a thief.

    NOPE, the shortage on registers are the 100% RESPONSIBLITY ON THE CASHIERS, just as ***I*** PERSONALLY HAD TO PAY OUT OF MY ***OWN*** POCKET FOR MISTAKES I MADE. The person that is stealing is the person that made the mistake tending the register, NOT the customer. Did I get ARRESTED? NO, then see, NOBODY CAME AFTER ME. NOBODY came after the people that kept the change that I had to pay out of my pay check years ago. Stealing is 100% on the person tending the register if it’s short, NOT THE CUSTOMER. It’s NOT up to the customer to *VERBALLY COMMUNICATE* about the overage that was HANDED TO THEM. That’s NOT the law.

    “servers don

  2. You are pathetic & clueless. Perfect doesn’t exist. It’s like, DUH! Nobody has said they WANT their order wrong. But it does happen & can be avoided sometimes, but NOT ALL OF THE TIME. That is impossible. So it is VERY hypocritical of you to judge others for a mistake when you cannot refrain from EVER making one yourself. & you freely admit that you are a dishonest person who cannot & will not take responsibility for your own actions. Go away. Were Raging readers were very happy & content when you were in that institution, unable to leave books for comments. Why were you released? It sure was a mistake!!

  3. We have a troll at work that I do believe is LOA’s identical cousin. She orders a plate of “bitch” everyday. (Something to bitch about.) She costs the company money every freaking day. I refuse to wait on her because she ordered. I rang it in exactly how she ordered it. And was pissed because it cost too much. And wanted me to take back the food she ordered. NO! Would you like to talk to the manager? I’m not taking anything off your bill. So because the manager knew what she was going to bitch about and wouldn’t take anything off her bill. (The food she ordered came out exactly how she ordered it) Then she LIES and says that I refused to refill her coffee. Whatever, show the manager her full cup of coffee. She calls corp. everyday. She calls because the music is too loud, not loud enough, the fire is not lit, the fire is too hot, whatever she can bitch about she does. And makes alot of things up along the way. I will walk by that bitch every day and never refill her coffee. She has pushed people out of the way to get in the door “first”. We always make sure she gets her food last. The only thing she is looking for is free food. Won’t get it from me. And she has been banned from about 6 different other restaurants in the area. All the other regulars know her and laugh with us about her. The cooks all know her and don’t really care because she is insane… bacon extra extra extra crisp but not hard or crunchy. Eggs scrambled well but not hard and chopped fine, a little runny though. Hashbrowns plain, extra crisp, in a square, but not crisp on the outside, just crisp on the inside. And they have to be fluffy. Somedays she wants one creamer for her coffee, sometimes a bucket, and jelly…… only one grape and when her order comes out? She needs more jelly.
    Grow up lords and learn how to cook at home. You and my troll at work are the same person. Both a pain in the ass that need to learn life is not all about you. And most important we don’t give a fuck about you, your rules, your ME ME ME attitude. We do what we do and pennies do not matter to us. Or your shitty tips.

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