Clean up your own damn puke, nasty ass!

I don’t know what makes people think that when they get shit-faced at my place of business, they can just puke on their lane and keep on bowling.


4 thoughts on “Clean up your own damn puke, nasty ass!

  1. Regarding your car, maybe you could set up a PObox address that people could send monies to out of the kindness of their hearts? I’ll even send mah silly brittish pennies!

  2. Ribeye, sorry to hear about the car. Good luck with that. Puke and me don’t mix either! Not even with gloves and a mask. NEVER! Hello dishwaher? LOL

  3. With all the diseases that go around now a days, I wouldn’t do it either. In my teenage days, I remember working a fast food job where the customers though it was ok to hand me all the trash in their entire car through the drive up window! We’re talking rank nasty shit they havehad in their car growing musty fungus of I don’t know what!! F-that! I quit taking it and toldthem it was a sanitation law that I couldn’t handle their crap! We have to stay healthy too! Give her a mop and bucket!!!!!

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