I am a mean and uncaring thief….

I just thought those of you who didn’t know…well…should.

Here’s the deal.


33 thoughts on “I am a mean and uncaring thief….

  1. I guess I’m a total bitch, because I don’t tell them that I rounded…I figure if they want their change, they’ll ask. I never short-change more than twenty cents or so, and, like you, I will ask around for a quarter if need be. Usually, it’s in the guests favor, and usually, because it is in their favor, they’ll leave it in the tip…it works out for all of us, in the end.

  2. What a thief you are!! Damn. You’re such a thief that maybe you didn’t deserve that $20 you got off of me & Raging Friend. Oh wait. You’re a damn good server & you did deserve it! Guess I was thinking too much like Springs. If that happens again, remind me to kill myself.

  3. Springs is a cunt and is doing this intentionally to *TRY* and spite you. It’s also her only pitifull way of getting attention. Must be hard to get any affection when she’s a bitch and going though the *change*.

    I dont think there’s anything wrong with rounding up the change. If people are well off enough to be dining out, they’re probably not counting the pennies!

  4. Hmmm… you know, part of me feels a smattering of empathy towards “She Who Must Not Be Named”. Certain words seem to be keys (“stupid”, “lazy”, “steal”). Anybody that has worked in the industry knows that “lazy” is not possible; “stupid” the way she uses it translates to “forgetful” because you have 100 things going at once. It’s a human condition to forget at times.

    Methinks somebody called this lady down in her youth; demeaned her for simply being human and making mistakes as we all do. I think she’s heard “stupid”, “lazy” too many times directed at her and she started to believe it. This, in turn, has made her into a raging OCD case with paranoia tossed in causing her to scream words at others that she’s heard too many times directed at herself.

  5. I do the opposite – I round up in the customer’s favor. I once worked in a place where our policy was to round to the nearest nickel – up if it was over 3c, down if it was under. On a busy lunch shift I was stopped by a man who was furious that I had “shorted” him 2 cents! I explained our policy but he wouldn’t give up. I gave him a nickel back and told him that now he owed me 3 cents. He was so angry that he slammed 3 pennies on the bar after I walked away and stormed out. You never know which customer you will piss off so I figure that it’s worth giving them a little extra change to avoid something like this ever happening again.

  6. Just ignore the idiot that is Springs. Do not give her any more spots in your posts and just everyone ignore the fool.

    Springs is a hypocrite like everyone else when it comes to stealing. You ever eat a grape at the store before you pay? That’s technically stealing. Ever share a plate at a diner that has a no sharing policy? That’s stealing. Ever take a jelly bean out of the barrel at a candy store and eat it? That’s stealing.

    A few pennies here and there sure is technically stealing but if we all had to wait for idiots like Springs to get their 13 cents, shit would never get done.


  7. This has probably been said before, but Springs1 seems to go out to eat for the *sole purpose* of finding something that offends her tender sensibilities. I imagine that in person she doesn’t keep her lunatic tendencies too hidden and the servers treat her with the (correct!) assumption that they are going to get run around like crazy and then stiffed on the tip.

  8. I never even bother to count the coins in my change,only the bills. That 37 cents just doesn’t matter to me. Sorry, Springs1.

    I left the country for a month, and Springs1 was gone from here when I returned. How did you get her to go away the first time? Voodoo?

  9. I would love to know what Springs does for a living that she can afford to eat out 7 nights a week and order $12 of extra ranch every time. But she probably can’t really afford it and that is why she is so upset about the 2 pennies.

    And who has time to write out all of those long diatribes over change that isn’t even enough to buy you a cup of coffee?? My time is way more valuable to me than that 20 cents and I am betting the waiters time is to.

  10. Springs, what part of “fuck off” and “shut the fuck up” don’t you get? The website owner has given you a standard of behavior to adhere to – it’s his place, and his rules.

    Oh, and Shut. The fuck. Up.

  11. So if someone shorts Springs 2 cents they are a thief or if they give her 3 cents too much they are stealing from their employer. Yet it’s ok for her to keep the $10.00 too much in change she received? Hypocrite!

    Oh and yeah STFU.

  12. Please feel sorry for me. My life is so boring and meaningless that I have nothing better to do than pick fights on someone else’s blog, and it doesn’t matter if I’ve been told to observe standards of behaviour. Only MY opinion matters, don’t you get it?
    So everyone who doesn’t agree with me, you should change your minds and make my life worthwhile. SO what if I’m disruptive, immature and myopic? So what if I complain that every tiny little thing I don’t like is being dismissed?
    Feel sorry for me, and don’t argue.

  13. no you’re a thief. You keep something you know you shouln’t have been given. YOU’RE STEALING FROM THE SERVER, another human being who deserves at least (or in your case more) consideration as everyone else. Asshat Twit.

  14. Iknow, unlike you you twit,that many servers are required to make their own change out of their own funds (it’s called their bank)..The money they use for change IS THEIR OWN MONEY. Therefore YOU you thoughtless jerk are stealing from the server by not returning mistakes in change. God I swear the slavering animals that raised you either had no sense or you’re totally incapable of learning anything (don’t bother to quote educational qualifications,they mean nothing in this context).

  15. Springs
    Are you at all capable of taking responsibility for anything you do? Or are you one of those sad, entitlement junkies who never think they’re wrong?
    HMMMMMMMI think I know.

  16. You are a thief & a HYPOCRITE!!! GO AWAY!!! Is that to difficult for your small mind to understand? You make ******************NO**************** sense & are quite frankly nothing more than a gnat that just won’t die.

  17. hey springs if i paypal your freaking 2 cents you were ripped off o -will you STFU already?

    Im paypal verified.

    PS your a “good tipper” but worked up over 2 cents
    maybe you should check out that video for IFH Mondays restaurant chain -the bartender has a fruity drink just for you!!

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