After a bit of confusion, Round Table vol. 7 is here!

Ok, so there was a misunderstanding between myself and Darby, so I am in fact doing Round Table this week, and here it is!

With the slowed down posting, I’m throwing in some posts from other sites in order to get these guys even more out there than they are already.

Manuel at Well Done Fillet is just like everyone else when they get tired. He gets grouchy and I’m sure wants to tear peoples heads off! He also likes to poke fun at those who are denied entrance into clubs, or get thrown out of them. I do too come to think of it…

At Don’t Tip the Waiter we learn that workers comp just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when someone has a broken leg. I’ve been on workers comp before, and it wasn’t all that boring to me, but I was also younger than I am now and spent the time playing games.

Ali at El Vermino Boulevard is spending less time in the bar and more time with other things. I’m considering the same thing in order to keep my sanity. She also tells the time honored story of people who claim they “don’t mean to complain” when we all know they want to when they walk in no matter what it’s about.

Darby at At least call me “Miss” had a fun MLK day last week. She had a flood, and I think she secretly enjoyed telling people they couldn’t eat even more than she lets on!

You have to wonder how Upset Waitress gets to sleep living next to the highway. Her dog already fears for life when he goes to the outhouse, but the horns and shit would just keep me up. Luck be with you, Upset Waitress, and watch out for semi’s!

A new addition to the Round Table this week, even though he was my inspiration to start blogging, the Insane Waiter has told us all about those we love to hate, the Bread Nazis. We all hate giving out complimentary bread in any form, be them sticks, rolls, or toast, but he brings a new elegance to the hatred.

Another new addition, yet a classic of industry bloggers is Lobster Boy at the Red Lobster Blog. Lobster Boy hates tissues left on his tables. Biological waste is nasty, and none of us want to deal with it. Old women who blow their noses in public are just as bad and in his own way, Lobster Boy lets everyone know just how he feels about the situation!

Yet another newbie to the Round Table, yet far from a newbie to blogging, let us all welcome Bitter at!


4 thoughts on “After a bit of confusion, Round Table vol. 7 is here!

  1. Feel free to add me any time. I’m not sure I want to host at this point though. It seems like you have the knack for it so I’ll let you (and whoever else) cover that service.

    Lobster Boy

  2. I’d love to play, but I don’t blog all the time about serving, especially now that I’m on hiatus because of maternity leave. But it’s up to you. I won’t be offended if you don’t want me in your vicious gang. 😉

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