I now feel like a numb chipmunk

So I just got back from Vanderbilt’s emergency room.


15 thoughts on “I now feel like a numb chipmunk

  1. I guess the poor nurse had had one too many seekers that day and then you walked in. I try and give her the benefit of the doubt. Sorry about the teeth, but I hope you get better soon.

  2. aww..poor Ribeye. Maybe your ER story will make you some much needed cash!
    (and the pain meds may give you leeway to say things you may not otherwise be able to, hehehe)

  3. Not that my issue is anywhere near your pain and suffering, but while I was at work last night, I took a bite out of some free celery that was parked in the back and my temporary crown came out- right in the middle of a Saturday night shift. I was walking around with my crown in my pocket feeling the little nub of a tooth all night. Hurts a little, but nothing compared to you. Glad you are feeling better. I have to wait until Monday to see the Dentist and have to chew everything on my right side.

  4. That nurse was pretty wrong. For most dental complaints an ER can’t do much beyond writing a scrip for pain meds and offering a referral to low cost dental clinics, and I’ll tell that to anybody presenting at the desk with a toothache, but it sounds almost like she was trying to discourage you. That’s an EMTALA violation.

    And an abscess is a whole different story…

  5. I bet you thought that emergency departments are here to provide dental care…hmmm sounds like you need a bit of education. Emergency departments are for emergent medical care and overcrowding is ED abusers faults, such as yourself. Bet you bitched about your long wait too, huh asshole? Go to the fucking dentist next time a take care of your teeth. Did you pay your hospital bill. Probably not. Most ER abusers dont. That’s probably why you went there instead of the dentist. From, a hardworking ED nurse.

  6. a nurse » a nurse, and from the ip I’m assuming you’re also commenter smith, I went to the ER that night because I didn’t have any other choice. I couldn’t talk. I went to the ER in Nashville that I know has an Oral Surgeon on call at all times, because I knew going to a regular one would do nothing to help. I didn’t go and bitch about the long wait, being that there wasn’t one. I didn’t go and bitch to get pain medicine. I went to try and get a nerve block, and the Oral Surgeon chose to drain it for me, to my everlasting gratitude.

    I know people abuse ER’s, and to that I have to say I’m sorry. I don’t go to the ER every week with a different complaint. I’m not one of those that the medibloggers write about on their sites. I had to miss work for that, a night that would have been a lot of money for me.

    As for your question about how they got so bad? They got so bad from 10 years of cocaine abuse, ending in May of 06. I’m paying the price now. I’ll be getting most of whats left of my teeth pulled, filled and crowned, and getting partials.

    I don’t know what your deal is, but if you think I’m one of those junkies you have to deal with, you’re dead wrong. I work my ass off nearly every day, this past couple of weeks it’s BEEN every day. I did what I had to do at the time to not miss any more work. Sounds to me like you’re a bit jaded with your own job, and as a nurse have lost the original purpose to help people.

    My insurance paid for the visit btw, all I had to pay was the co-pay, which I paid gladly. Anything to be able to talk again. Use a real e-mail address, so people can send you messages instead of being cowardly and hiding behind not one, but two screen names under the same IP.

  7. I think you should have probably went to the dentist. Like the person said above you went to a emergency room that provides EMERGENCY medical treatment. NOT a dentist. You sound a bit jaded and take care of yourself.

  8. tax payer » It was a Saturday night, I had an abscess the size of a golf ball on the right side of my face, I had to work a double the next day, and had to leave work that night. I did take care of myself, by going where I had to go. I’m not jaded, I was pissed off at the nurse that night because she made assumptions about my reasons for being there. I don’t to this day believe that I abused the system by going to the ER. The oral surgeon said it was a good thing I’d gone that night, as the size of the abscess was unsafe. What was I supposed to do, since you and “a nurse” seem to have such strong opinions on it. Should I have just sat at home, writhing in agony and not making needed money for rent, food and utilities on a busy weekend, or should I have done what needed to be done for survival?

    Let me ask, if it was a weekend, and you were in major pain, what would you have done if you knew an ER in your area had an on call oral surgeon resident, along with many medical students willing to learn? As I said before, I originally went in for a nerve block. Not to have it drained, not to get pain pills and for the record, I didn’t ask for the morphine shot I was given, the oral surgeon saw the constant cringe and the pale color on my face and ordered it; I didn’t know I was going to get it until I was getting it. I only wanted my face to be numbed out for as long as possible so I would be able to work. They chose to drain it, I was grateful. I was able to work the next day, and even though it still hurt like Hell, I worked through it.

    I’m a tax payer too, and I have 150 bucks a month taken out of my paycheck for medical and dental insurance. I made use of it, and the only person there that had a problem with me was the original nurse.

    I would love it if some of you would stop judging me and try to put yourselves in my place, and just tell me what you’d have done!

  9. I guess I would have went to the dentist before my teeth got so bad. Poor ribeye! Can you even eat steak now or do you just gum it. lmao

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