Even employees try to put one over on me!

You’ve all seen my bitchery about people who try to drink without their ID, but tonight took the cake!

We have a new cocktail server, we’ll call her Espy.


8 thoughts on “Even employees try to put one over on me!

  1. You requested poll ideas, I was watching the news today and thought of this…

    Do you believe that John McCain is the front runner for the republican nomination because the other two main candidates split the conservative vote.


    Do you believe that John McCain is the front runner for the republican nomination because most Americans believe they are voting for Bruce Willis’s character out of Die Hard.


  2. I hate people who think they can just do whatever they want…especially hookers wearing Hooter’s shirts that are too tight for their fat asses!

  3. Poll ideas:

    Four ghetto names and a prescription drug – which one is not a name?

    Cheapest thing to do in a restaurant (besides make lemonade at the table).

  4. Any kind of mishap like electricity going out or some kind of odd occurance make people go into mob mentality and they think that suddenly laws and morality don’t apply. Ever watch the people who loot when there is a fire or something crazy going on? Some of them look like perfectly normal people who just have gone completely crazy. Once there was a power outage in my restaurant (I wasn’t there but was told about it).. it was the whole town actually. A few tables who had eaten or had food on their table got up and charged out of the restaurant without paying. It’s just the lights, not the end of the world as we know it ok abandon all sense of order and law??? Some people imo really have no souls and the slightest opportunity brings out the criminal in them.

  5. i totally think you need a new job. a real bar cocktailing. i had the best job at a dive bar. made tons of money with the expensive “guests” who wanted to go “slumbing” and could flip off the other ones who were assholes. best of both worlds.

  6. hey girl-just linked over round about from waiterrant.net

    I enjoy your posts for the rawness you put into em

    but for the love of all thats holy get a job in another place you work in a shithole -cocktailing for a solid year in a place that has bowling and your in effect arent cocktailing but an overflow area for the dining room

    get your self into a steakhouse -the higher the entrees cost the more you make per person

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