The Ghetto Transvestite Bitch that tried to have me FIRED!

You all know how close I am to being over it at my job, well tonight, I almost walked out the door.

First three tables of the night were nice people.


9 thoughts on “The Ghetto Transvestite Bitch that tried to have me FIRED!

  1. Ribeye, I am in awe of your swearage capability. It looks like you had cause though. I only know one tranny and he’s way over the legal drinking age.

  2. Man, people will just do anything! I really don’t see why you are still there. I can see you better in a fine dining establishment rattling off an extensive wine list instead of what kind of “rainch” you have in the back! Your attitude and eye for detail would be valued much more at a fine dining place! 🙂

  3. ribeye, i have to agree with the above posts. i know you mentioned working for landry’s…. and i just wanted to let you know that there is a certain landry’s restaurant in brentwood (hint – there is currently an ad for them on craigslist) that i think you would be perfect at! i trained there but corporate restaurants have never been my style. let me know if you want more info….

  4. ………I keep checking back for a new post…. ..

    …. u want to send out an email when you get one up?

    :o) just givin’ u a hard time-miss you! happy (early) valentines day!

  5. Maybe Chanel #2 was embarrassed to be asked for ID because she has a male ID. For future reference, if someone is dressed in a skirt and heels, they’re a girl unless they tell you differently. I don’t care if they have a deep bass voice and a male ID. It’s still miss or m’am.

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