Dirty Nasty Bungfuckers!!

Everyone knows how much I hate ghetto trash, no matter the color.


10 thoughts on “Dirty Nasty Bungfuckers!!

  1. Hey Ribeye here’s my night on Friday. Our host is an old man who barely gets the job done in a shift. He never knows who is working what table. He just seats the guest willy nilly. Then I have 4 tables filled up at the same time. 12 ppl at one time and 3 tables waiting for drink orders. I am in the weeds for 1 1/2 hours. All my food orders are in the kitchen at the same time and I have to deliver them at the same time. I called him out on it, pissed him off so bad his blood pressure went up and he had to go to the hospital. Yes I almost killed the man i guess. But why were my co workers thanking me? I wanna know from other Host/hostess how they seat sections during a rush? Do they weed the server just to get the customer sat? Or is the customer asked to wait?

  2. Wow! What a night. As a long-time server and bartender in Memphis, I can completely sympathize with your plight. My advice to you: RUN. Run far, far away from this ghetto-magnet in which you work. Apply at a place that doesn’t serve fruity drinks or hot wings. Thats what I ended up doing. And I never looked back.

    But I really hope you stay there and keep these golden stories coming!

  3. I hate the ‘keep the 33 cents’ BS. I get that alot delivering pizza. Here’s an idea for you: Next time a guy gives you a 20 on a 19.xx dollar order (where xx is cents), and he is sitting with anyone else (especially a female or other significant other) make sure to thank him for the exact ammount. For instance, if the order is $19.85, and he pays with a $20, thank him for the 15 cents. Make him look like an ass in front of his peers. Then just walk away. You’ve done nothing wrong…technically.

  4. Hey, Ribeye, have you ever thought about banquet serving for Gaylord? I work there and make about $20,000 a year part time. Give it a thought…..

  5. Ribeye IF you stop applying you let them win what you do IF your such a strong server is tell them I QUIT or I go into the bar.

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