New manager has caught the Dumbass

Let me be the first to let you all know that the Dumbass is spreading, and if you’re not careful, you’ll catch it just like everyone else.


6 thoughts on “New manager has caught the Dumbass

  1. Oh man, I understand the break-when-sick thing.

    I’m anemic (and therefore have NO immune system), and while my iron was particularly low one day I tried to explain to my manager that I needed to go home early. He said that I was his “best waitress” and that he really *needed* me… on a slow Tuesday night.

    So, I continued to push myself. He let me have a 10 minute break (the dear…/sarcasm), and eventually I passed out on the floor about 20 minutes later with a party of six’s food.

    Not only did I have to pay for the food, I still couldn’t go home.

    Silly me and my anemia. Tsk tsk to think that I needed to leave and inconvenience my manager.

    Needless to say… I quit soon after.

  2. Hi Ribeye,

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  3. I adore my boss, but there is a supervisor in our office who has no people skills at all. One group she supervises was telling me that she has more than once told them that they can all be replaced by people off the street. She also says she won’t do any additional training until they stop taking sick days and vacation days. There’s a woman in my group who this supervisor has pegged as a complainer so any complaint or suggestion this woman makes is automatically dismissed an in a horribly condescending way when in point of fact, this woman is making a valid and useful point.

    She needs to take all of her highly technical knowledge and use it in a position where she isn’t supervising anyone because she is just about the worst I have ever seen.

  4. Hi Ribs…don’t get me started, useless GMs are my pet subject!!

    There is a very fine line between being a friendly boss and a friend. Once that line is crossed it’s almost impossible to get back.

    As much as I hate all the hierachy crap that goes with Management, you have to set yourself apart from the other staff, because it’s your job on the line if they don’t do theirs. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a laugh and joke with them, I would sieze up and die if I didn’t spend time with my team cracking jokes, (usually at the guests expense, well, that’s what they’re for).

    We all have our own Management style, and to be able to relax, lead and still be a human being is something that only comes with experience, and confidence.

    No college can teach you how to interact with other people, how to motivate and pull a team together, only doing the job can do that, and if he’s never been a GM before then he has a long way to go.

    I’ll probably get into trouble for saying this, but if you can see what he’s doing wrong, and it’s obviously causing huge problems in your workplace, then why don’t you try a bit of psychology and suggest subtle changes, things that would make your life easier, and make him look good.

    The uniform is an easy area to pick on because it’s so obvious, if you look good then so does he.

    Good luck, and remember, if he’s giving you a hard time, just imagine him sitting on the toilet with awful constipation…works for me.

  5. What is it with over-scheduling. Jesus. I had a place I worked with about 120 seats. On busy nights we’d get three full turns, and on those nights we staffed 9 servers, 2 bartenders, 4 bussers. 360 covers for 15 people. Those nights ruled. Then, it would be a snowy Monday night in January. Slow season, terrible weather, 30 mph wind. And how many do we have on the floor? 15. We had 25 reservations but 15 people staffed to serve them. This happened CONSTANTLY.

    My favorite moment, ever, was this: I am scheduled on a weekday in late July, and my station is the patio, a small (35-seat) area only open 3 months per year. There were always 2 servers assigned to it. The bitch about the patio is that you have to set it up entirely before the shift, at least an hour of dragging, unlocking, arranging, then setting/prepping tables, chairs, setups, glasses, etc. Basically we take 10% of the restaurant and put it outside, then take it all back in at the end of the night.

    Now…late July. The weather is TERRIBLE. It’s at least 95 degrees with 100% humidity. If any human enjoys eating outside in those conditions, just move to the 4th circle of hell and have a nice life. I call in 2 hours before my shift to find that we have 20 reservations, still 9 servers scheduled. So I ask: any way you guys could cut the patio tonight since the weather is so awful? Our RIDICLOUSLY DUMB GM says “I’ll call you later, think we need you to come in though and at least set it up.” For whatever reason, even if she agrees with me that nobody will eat outside, we still have to do the hard work associated with the patio. She never calls, I go in, set up the patio dripping in sweat, put my uniform on, get ready for the shift, etc…been at work about 90 minutes. We have our pre-shift meeting at 5:00 where she announces that……….the patio is going to be closed tonight. I just stared at her like she was an alien. So, I went to work, got there and set up the patio for 90 minutes, went to a 15 minute meeting then broke down the patio for another 90. If that’s not trying to get rid of someone I don’t know what is.

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