Total Exhaustion

My weekend from Hell is finally over.


Poll Results, Ghetto Names of the Week (3/28)

Welcome back, True Believers.

Part two of the “What do you collect” series is done, and it’s a little short on votes. I’m at an impasse, because I have part three of the collection series ready, but I have other ones that may be more popular that I think I’m going to put up first.

At any rate, here’s the results from this week:

  • Nope, not this week either. Maybe I

Jesus Wept…

I think it was in the movie Barber Shop though it could have been one of the Friday series, but it was a quick prayer, given by Ice Cube.

In my years of serving, and being in the service industry in general, I’ve gotten to see many people in many different groups praying in many different ways.

Poll Results, Stupid Names of the Week (3/21)

Hey everybody, and welcome back to

This past poll was on the things that people collect. However, knowing that it was a little limited, I’ve already prepared the next two polls, having to do with collections as well. I figure I’ve hit most of the main collection items, or at least given an answer for the non-collectors to use. After all, I didn’t add the “My collection isn’t on here” answer till a few days in. Without further bullshit, here’s the results:

  • Books (48%, 48 Votes)
  • I collect things, but they

Starbucks Tips Lawsuit

I love Starbucks guys, love them. Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha with two pumps of Cinnamon Dolce syrup and 7 shots of espresso. HOWEVER, the California Starbuckers have pissed me off. Not the baristas, no, the company itself. The company that stole tips from the baristas to pay the wages to the shift supervisors.

87 million dollars they stole from their baristas. This billion dollar earning company stole those tips so they could pay the wages to their shift supervisors instead of paying them out of pocket. FUCK YOU STARBUCKS CORPORATE BIGWIGS!

This isn’t a long post, it’s just something I just had to get off my chest.

I’ll still drink Starbucks coffee, it’s not the TN stores that are fucking their barista staff. It’s the California ones. GO GOVENATOR SCHWARTZENAGER! That’s what you get for electing a fucking bad actor to public office, you get corporations stealing from the little guy.


(edit 3/22 — sorry bout there not being a link to the news story before now, I just plain forgot guys.