You searched for WHAT??!! part 2

People, I just have to say, I get some of the craziest search phrases that I’ve ever seen when I take the time to look at my AWStats on cpanel.

Here are just a few of them, they were reset on March 1st, 2008, just like they do every month. I’m already up to 322 phrases. Be warned, some of these are just plain fucking nasty, and I hope I never meet anyone who searched for some of these things because I’d have to hurt you:

gothic cum shot
henny and coke
ghetto black bitch
sexual harassment in the service industry
sincere as a name
trashy ghetto white girls
ghetto handjobs
fuck the damn babysitter
fat people land whale
masturbating in restaurants
let me ax you white guy being ghetto
babysitters fuck parents for free
13 years old camel toe

Those are just a few, and I’m sure you can see which ones make me want to slaughter people. If you come here expecting to find child porn, you are sorely mistaken and I have ways of finding out where if not WHO you are. Be warned! I don’t approve of things like that. I’m all for porn, so long as the people are of LEGAL AGE. Child molesters make me sick, and they should be put in prison to be killed and raped by the other convicts. Don’t expect to find that shit here.

If you all will look to the sidebar, you’ll see that there’s a new section on it. After reading a post on The Angriest Pharmacist, one of my favorite medi-blog sites, I decided to hunt for a plugin like his. It shows the 10 most recent search results. I haven’t played with it long enough to see when it updates, but I tested it out, and the first two were up within 10 minutes…after I finally got it working anyway. This way, you can all catch a glimpse of what I get to see on my side, and you can see that we’re surrounded by some strange and sick people in the world.

If you would like to get the Search Phrases WordPress Plugin, please follow this link, and follow the english directions listed there. It’s in German I believe, and I haven’t been able to read a word of German since I was in the 1oth grade. I can still speak a couple of words, but the English version is better for the soul if you ask me.

Have fun with this everyone, and keep the searches legal. They don’t have to be clean, but let’s keep the “Chester-esque” searches away. It also begs the question of what my site is giving to Google when people search for those things…..



4 thoughts on “You searched for WHAT??!! part 2

  1. Maybe it was that one you did about the white trash family withnthe pregnant 12 yearold looking girl that was waaaaaaaaaaaay too attached to her father?? Google may be putting that up as your link to the chester people.

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